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It has been a while since I started this ‘bear hunt‘ for a copy of Fitzand’s teddy bear in yellow clothes and finally … a private message in a local parenting forum came in … a nice lady found someone selling it online! I was overjoyed! Then came a little bit of panic … is the bear still for sale??!!!

This image above is from the original WANTED post that I planted in my blog and some local forums … on a nationwide hunt for this elusive yellow fella. Check out the entry here.

… and this is the image that the online seller posted 😀

Yahooooo! As I am typing this … the seller emailed me saying it is still for sale! A brand new one! I’ll go collect it hopefully tonight as she stays pretty near us. Finally the search is over. I almost had to contact Interpol to help in this hunt. Phew!


Collected the yellow bear’s twin just now and was laughing when I saw it. He was way fatter than Fitzand’s current one. Well the current one was of the same size 2 years ago when I bought it when he was just born and now being also 2 years old like Fitzand … it has went though tons of bath sessions, tons of abuse and being dragged by Fitzand to childcare everyday (he grabs the bear by the neck!) … it’s no wonder why the bear has lost so much weight. Hahaha!

The twins!

You might also notice that the new one has a smiling face while the old skinny one is mouth-less just like Hello Kitty. Muwahaha. The thread probably came off after the many trips into the washing machine.

Can’t remember if the old one has the labels on it but now I know this bear is called Little Dudu. Hahaha! What a name!

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