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Last week Fitzand handed me this little ‘artwork’ he did when I picked him up from the childcare. It is what supposed to be a cute teddy bear … though I find that it scares me a little. His teacher told me that he had fun making it from what I think is play dough.

Fitzand proudly showing me his masterpiece

The bear does look a bit like ‘roti prata’ (a type of Indian pancake) but I think I am not qualified to comment on it because I don’t think I knew how to even make half of it when I was 2 years old

Yesterday we spent half a day with my brother-in-law … helping him choose tiles & materials etc for his home renovation. Well he claims that I have good taste (and thus asked me to help) but I think the only taste I have is of fermented malt & barley. Anyway … luckily the showroom had a nice play area for kids and Fitzand got to enjoy a few hours of fun playing there.

We were supposed to go to the beach after that but weather was a little crazy … so we decided to go home and I’ll prepare dinner. Eh? What? No you didn’t read wrong. I do know how to cook a little. Haha. So far no casualty from consumtion of my cooking. I love to experiment not only with cameras & such … but also cooking. I remember some time ago I made meatballs with mushroom & cumin seeds … and baked them … and they tasted kind nice (I was told). So last night I decided to do a ‘megamix’ on the same thing … this time adding Brovil & egg. This new mad formula turned out well too! My wife was telling me that it was delicious! Yipee!!!

The ‘weird’ baked meatballs with cumin seeds, mushroom, egg & Brovil

Beans! You’ll see many tomatoes in them and it’s because Fitzand loves them.

This ugly looking bowl of soup is actually herbal chicken soup. I forgot to take pic of it until it was almost a bit too late.

I was on the verge of a collapse at the end of the day after waking up at 5am and non-stop ‘busy-ing’ until about 11pm. It’s a little crazy I know but I always love to live life to the max on weekends. Hahaha.

It’s almost 10:30pm now … on a Sunday night and I’ve just came back from a round of yummy food and booze at an Irish bar. I’m gonna go try get some sleep earlier tonight or else I might just drop dead tomorrow.


  1. Wow…the food looks interesting and yummy! Can share the recipe?

  2. @Jer : Thanks. Recipe? Errr … no fixed ‘formula’. Just minced meat, cumin seeds, light soy sauce and a tablespoon of Bovril. Then go bake it for maybe err … 30 mins or so …

  3. I am always wondering what can I do more with a bottle of Bovril other than making quick soup or porridge mix. This meatball dish looks interesting but I do not have an oven to bake, will probably try to cook it in other ways. Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Jer : That’s what experimenting is all about. Wait til you hear what I do with beer & stout. Hahaa.

  5. he is seriously the cutest kid ever. almost.

  6. @wenlin : Thanks 😉

  7. love bovril and mini tomato too!!!! he’s so cute!!! as always… and the bear deadddddd scary.. like that guy in the lord of the ring movie….lol

  8. Fitz has turn freddy kruger into a pancake art. Nice one!

  9. @norya : One day you bring Jim over here for dinner lah. I fry mini tomatoes in Bovril for you and Fitzand. Jim will just drink beer with me.

    @Doublechin : I’ll ask him to try make a Doublechin next time.

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