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21 Oct 2011 – “She is pain free and she gave us her parting smile.” were the words in her blog that made me real upset this morning. Charmaine has left us but I’m sure she is now in a better world than this. I do not personally know her or her family but on behalf of them, I’d like to thank all those who has helped the family in this ‘fight’. No … we didn’t lose. Charmaine was strong and she won herself a flight to a more beautiful world than this.


A great big thanks to a kind soul by the name Chuck, who bought this camera as well as topping up an additional $100 to help Charmaine. An extremely nice guy who didn’t even bother checking the camera when we deal. We were supposed to deal last week but I wasn’t feeling well, so I drove all the way to his place an hour ago to meet him.

Again … thank you Mr. Chuck and everyone else for all the support. Let’s all pray that Charmaine will get well soon.


I decided to put this very minty condition Leica CM Zoom compact camera of mine for sale and 100% of the amount will go into helping this little girl who needs US$350,000 for an operation.

If you are willing to help me raise some fund to help her, do check out more information in the blog.

Charmaine, a sweet and cheerful girl (she’s turning 4 years old this July) who is unfortunately suffering from Stage 4 neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that forms in one’s nerve tissue and is the most common cancer in infancy.

For her case, the cancer cells were first detected in her liver some time around February 2009, which started off as a 12cm tumour. It was later discovered that traces of cancer were also detected in her bone marrow, which led to this final diagnosis of neuroblastoma.

According to the doctors, Charmaine has a 10% to 20% chance of recovery after undergoing the strongest chemotherapy available, which is what she has been going through.

There is another treatment available which would increase the chance of her survival to 40%, but it could only be done in the US since the drug is still in its clinical trial phase. Requests to have the drug shipped to Singapore have been rejected.

Unfortunately, the treatment requires a US$350,000 deposit upfront, which is about half a million Singapore dollars! This is a ridiciously large sum of money to most of us, and it’s no different to Charmaine’s family and friends.

The camera is in very very good condition and has been in my dry cabinet almost all the time. I’ve only used it a few times and it comes with the original box, pouch, strap and also the lens cap.

Photo of the actual camera

This beautiful and great camera is for sale at only$900 (Singapore Dollars)

Local buyers can contact me at my mobile # 98ANDREW. Overseas buyers can drop me a message in my Contact Me page. I will bear all shipping cost to anywhere in the world. I can accept PayPal for overseas buyers.

Thank you all very much and looking forward to your support. I will personally be making a donation but since I don’t make much money and can’t donate lots … I thought letting go this camera might help increase the donation amount.

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