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Here I am … still stuck in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam … feeling really bored and can’t wait to go home tomorrow … and along came a piece of mouth-watering news about the eagerly awaited Olympus’s first Micro Four Third camera … the Olympus E-P1! Inspired by the sleek good old Olympus Pen F … this E-P1 is one hell of a sexy camera too!

I prefer the while/lighter colored version and also the slim 17mm lens as it looks way cool. Now I’ve to decided if I should sell my liver (though badly damaged by booze) to buy one of these someday.

More info about this cam is available at dPreview (where I leeched these photos above).

Unfortunately the E-P1 doesn’t look like the one they revealed during the Pre-Photokina 2008 show … otherwise it will even be a bigger tempting poison for many.

Okay … enough of the dreaming and drooling … and back to work while wait for tomorrow’s flight home in the afternoon.


  1. It is really amazing to see the oldies back to life again.

  2. Drooling…

  3. @Jer : Well it doesn’t actually look too much like the Pen F but it’s still one sexy beast. Come to think of it … I’ve not use my Pen F since I bought it a couple of years ago! Argh! Wonder if I can trade in the Pen F for an upgrade. LOL

    @Kahong : Let’s drool together …

  4. Sibeh sui….*slurp

  5. @Ben : BUY!!!!

  6. omg. im definitely gonna save up for this. it looks so damn goood!

  7. I SO WANT THIS!!!

  8. @sumlom : Oh yeah … this is one crazy sexy beast!

    @cyanwater : Me too! I am actually thinking of getting one with the pancake lens. Argghhhh!!! Help!!!!

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