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Instant Multi Pinhole

By • Jun 28th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film

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Ever since the few pretty successful rolls on the Diana Multi Pinhole camera, I’ve always wondered how it will be when paired with the Diana Instant Back. I’ve always wasted quite some film when using the Instant Back, so now coupling it with the pinhole camera is of course (to me) a much higher risk … but a risk I’ve to take to find out if I’ll end up with lots of under/over exposed shots meant to fly straight to the garbage bin.

Loaded a pack of Instax Mini film and as you can see … 8 shots out of 10 survived. The 2 which didn’t make it were not completely underexposed but you might need a torch to see what’s on them. Nevermind. Anyway … 8 out of 10 for me is good enough. To be honest … I’ve had 6 out of 10 shots that survived when using the normal Diana F+ camera and the Instant Back!

I was too darn lazy to actually refer to the exposure time guide that came with the camera, so I just roughly estimated how much exposure time was needed based on the first three test rolls. Some of these shots were done using the “I’ll go for a ciggie break and come back soon” method. Phew. Luckily most of them survived.

A ‘portrait’ of my Fisheye 2 camera. This one was taken with the Diana flash mounted and a total of maybe 8 to 10 times of firing the flash. Oh … it was pretty dark in my room then. Too bad the bottom half of the camera ain’t well exposed but I’m pretty okay with it since the cute ‘viewfinder’ is obvious enough to tell what camera it is.

A almost-failed double exposure. Luckily my freaky face is still a little visible.

A tripled-exposure. Notice the weird pattern on the top right? I remeber having similar weird pattern appearing in some other photos before but do not know why or what causes it. The next photo below as it as well! Look carefully and you’ll notice that the patterns are different! OMG! Maybe I’ll go email Lomography and ask what on earth causes those. Hmm … maybe it’s the work of those aliens who creates crop circles! Did someone say it could be the work of opium chewing wallabies?

I saved the freakiest shot for last, in case you decide to stop reading this entry midway. This shot below is a pretty yucky one. It has many exposures … of my mouth (no I didn’t manage to shove the Diana flash into my mouth), my face and my fuzzy eyes. Can you see my freaky fuzzy eyeballs in it?

Conclusion time! So did I enjoy using this combo? You bet I did. If only Instax film come cheaper … I might be tempted to burn few packs of ’em next weekend. Hey wait … oh no! I’m out of Instax film now!!!!!!


  1. Nice!!! really nice….. i bet u r not sian after all… LOL
    given if i have that camera on hand now i bet i dun have the time to play with it…. still got my new LCA left untouch… LOL

  2. @norya : Thanks. I guess you won’t wanna play with this for the time being. Go burn some (many!) rolls on your new LC-A+! We are waiting for the photos!!!

  3. wor.. pinhole!

  4. @ymmij : Hmm … yeah. I’m kinda addicted to the cam now.

  5. Can’t wait to see more experimental shots!!

  6. @cyanwater : More experiments will have to wait til I buy more film. 🙁

  7. Order in bulk from your favourite 8storeytree lor. I heard they provide wholesale price! Hahahaha!!!!

  8. @cyanwater : Since u r one of the boss there … do I get like a 90 days credit term?

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