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Back from an extremely short beer session with my colleagues and one of them was telling us a ‘story’ about his younger days … back in the 80s! That somehow got me reminiscing about those good old days. Hahaha. He was telling us about how he (and his buddies) were influenced by some Chinese movies back then and how they dressed up just like their ‘heroes’ then. Muwahaha. I couldn’t really believe what I heard and had an incredible time trying to imagine how he’d look like back then. More about that later at the end of this entry.

A little bit about myself perhaps? Well I wasn’t at all into heroes and such, so you won’t be able to read any story about myself in any interesting ‘cosplay’. Hahaha. Simple tees and (sometimes torn) jeans were all I needed. Perhaps he grew up in some bigger town than I did back then … and he had better (*roll eyes*) exposure to those errmmm … ‘styles’. Muwahaha!

Anyway … here are some of my heroes back then …

LL Cool J! Yeah … he was one of the earliest influence that got me addicted to rap/hip-hop music. My parents couldn’t understand why I love listening to ‘people talking fast’. Duh!

Sique Sique Sputnik! I simply love them back then … and I still blast their songs in my car now (when Fitzand is not in the car). At that time in the 80s … they just seemed to be the ‘future’, with songs about computers and stuff! Cool!

Falco! I was listening to his songs without understanding a single word (in German) and I was sure my parents thought I was pretty crazy. This song ‘Jeanny (Part 1)’ was … and is still one of my favourite songs ever.

I was also pretty much into heavy stuffs like Morbid Angel and Sepultura but those somehow got me into some ‘trouble’. I remember being ‘nagged’ for hours by some people in Sunday school (which I attended out of curiosity) because they saw me having such cassettes (yeah … those things!) in my Walkman (yeah … those things!) back then. Let’s just skip this part of the story. Hahaha.

Okay … let’s now see what my colleague was up to in the 80s. Hehehe. Muwahahahaha! He told us that he had a custom trench coat thingie that he’d wear to ‘parties’ or just to the malls (!!!) with his buddies … with shades on! Muwahahaha! Here’s the punchline … his buddies will all be wearing the shades & trench coats!!! Oh man … I just can’t stop laughing at the though of it. It is not in some cold country we are talking about … but in Malaysia where it’s like super hot most of the days! I keep trying to imagine a guy … all sweaty in trench coat, dark shades and a double chin … walking in slow motion. Muwahahaha!!!! So what do they do at the ‘parties’? I don’t know. Maybe stand around sweating?

So who inspired them to be so cool? Check out this video below …

He’ll probably kill me if he reads this but then … I didn’t mention his name or post his photo here. So it should be quite okay (I hope) … 😛


  1. Sigue Sigue Sputnik rule! And totally hold up after all these years.
    Public Enemy said they were influence by SSS’s first album.
    If only bands were this cool nowadays.

  2. Hahaha, I read your blog for a long time now without commenting, but this entry is pretty amazing. I always thought I`m the only person who knows SSS because none of my friends does…And that you know Falco…didn`t know he reached out that far 🙂

  3. @Erik : Yeah … SSS rulez!!! Bands … they just don’t make ’em like they used to eh?

    @Dirk : Thanks for dropping by. Great to know someone else who likes SSS.

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