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Do you love the Lomo LC-A/LC-A+? Well it’s the camera that got it all started (Lomography stuffs) and now to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Lomography has just launched a limited number of 25th Anniversary edition LC-A+.

It’s been 25 years since the iconic LOMO LC-A graced the analogue world with its colourful, extraordinarily beautiful pictures framed with vignettes! To celebrate this special occasion, we bring you the first ever LOMO LC-A+ special edition – LOMO LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition!

It’s the same pocket-sized, robust, Minitar-eyed LOMO LC-A+ that we’ve loved, capable of bringing you jawdropping pictures with the deepest saturation and punchy contrast, and shadowy vignettes, which is a look that’s distinctly LOMO. The Anniversary Edition boasts a textured skin and the 25th Anniversary badge on its body. It’s a surefire collector’s item!

· Same classic, LOMO LC-A+ compact camera with a new textured body! · LOMO LC-A+ 25th Year Anniversary emblem stamped on the front and back of the camera
· Expect all the usual LOMO LC-A+ features including: the legendary Minitar 1 lens, multi-exposure switch and multiple accessory capabilities!

· The package is presented in a commemorative wooden box, proudly stamped with the 25th Anniversary logo.

Pretty neat ain’t it? I’m kinda broke now after ordering the Aviator Diana F+ camera last week but if I could get my stock photo payment soon … and perhaps accumulate more piggies (Lomo store credits) in the coming month … I might consider getting one of these. They did mention that these come in limited quantities but then … you’ll never know their ‘limited quantities’ means 1,298,329,929 units eh? Hahaha!


  1. lol. yeh. this time they didnt mention how many. though, i’m sure this would be quite sought after.

  2. i know u want it…. …

    aviator is not an excuse..

  3. @ymmij : You evil master! I’ll go buy lottery tomorrow and see how it goes. Haiks.

  4. shit. i also feel like getting, the skin looks damn alien cool sia.

  5. @sumlom : Oh yeah. Cool eh? I’m … trying … to … resist …

  6. I just received my first lomo, the LC-A+ and I sooo wish I wasn’t at work so I could go outside and play with it!

    Since you’re a Blue October fan, and I mentioned their DVD the other day, I found a link to a youtube video from it. I think you’ll love it!

  7. ndroo.
    hao lian!!
    i drool on ndrews lc-a…
    i have half a mind to rob this from u, keep it safely!!
    accomplices pls send in your cv for screening.
    previous job experience will be taken into consideration.
    if you were once a ninja or samurai!!
    all successful applicants will be notified via mooncakes at 12 noon GMT8.
    if we fail in this mission. we can always have a BBF or 2 as a consolation. ;P

  8. @Lo : Congrats on your new LC-A+! Well … don’t we all wish we don’t have to work and go travel around the world with our LC-A+? Hahaha!

    @solace : Nah. Not hao lian. Hahaha. I’d be hao lian-ing if I am holding some big time Leica cam instead. Wanna rob me? Hahahaha! My house is guarded by 200 killer cats. Be careful! Hahaha!

  9. haha.
    no la.
    i know you are not la.
    but you are seriously tempting me…

  10. @solace : Hahaha! Why resist the temptation? Muwahaha! They are throwing in some freebies now. It’s good time to order!

  11. LOL. i know 5 rolls of 25th anni film.
    not like their knocking away some cash off it.
    if they did i might consider.
    for now… ….
    see no touch.
    see & touch must pay money. $$

    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man’s world…

  12. no money, money, money,
    feel so gloomy,
    in poor man’s world…

  13. @solace : Hahahaha! You clown!

  14. -_____-“

  15. unlike someone.(who as a beaming new l-ca+ with r lens to boot)
    to entertain himself.
    people like me /khloe/jimmy
    need to find alternatives to entertain ourselves.

  16. @solace : Hahaha. Why khloe/jimmy? Jim has a beaming new LCA+ RL 25th anniv too! Muwahahaha!

  17. serious. he finally bought it.
    i was kept in the dark.
    he didn’t mention it, unlike you.
    congrats jimmy. please give it some lomo TLC.

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