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It has been a while since I received the sponsored Muse from Lensbaby but only recently I took the effort to email them about a slight ‘problem’ I had with the copy of Canon mount lens. The lens seemed to be easily removed when mounted on my camera body, so I was really worried I might accidentally turn it a little and the ‘baby’ will go rolling into some drain. So one night, I wrote to them explaining about this ‘problem’ I have and the next morning … I got a reply telling me that they will be sending me a replacement. Amazing! That is what I call great customer service! They didn’t even ask about details and just told me to ship the old (problematic) one after I’ve received the new replacement.

In the email, the lady who contacted me signed off with her designation … “Director of Customer Happiness”. How cool is that? Hahaha. I’ve heard of ‘customer satisfaction’ but it is the first time I’ve heard of ‘customer happiness’. Perhaps other companies should consider such fast and efficient service and hire a Director of Customer Happiness too!

The Muse on the left is the one going back to Lensbaby soon …

I didn’t expect them to actually send me a brand new set of the Muse though. I thought they will probably send me the mount (easily replaced by a couple of screws) … so this morning when the postman arrived … I saw the parcel and thought it was some other toy I ordered recently. A replacement mount wouldn’t need such a big box. Hahaha!


  1. Yes, i think the people at Lensbaby are a GREAT bunch!!! They really honor what they say and go all out to make the customer satisfied. They give me the impression that they do bother even for customers miles away.

    Didn’t regret getting my Lensbaby Composer at all. It is worth it!

  2. @Cullypokman : Cool. Great to know another who think that their customer service is superb.

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