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It has been a while since the first 36 Frames challenge (check it out here) and since some has been asking me if I’d like to start another … I decided to do it again. This time … a completely new challenge! Game enough?

The idea for this challenge was inspired by a set of 3 photos I took some time ago using the Fisheye 2 camera and the colorsplash flash.

What we will be doing is to take 36 exposures of the same subject. Yes … the SAME SUBJECT. The challenge now is to make the same subject appear different in all the 36 exposures. Sounds easy? You can try painting it with different colors using your colorsplash flash, decorate the subject with 36 different items, make 36 different facial expressions … the possibilities are infinite. Fun enough?

The deadline for this new challenge is on the 31st August 2009. All you have to to after getting your roll developed and scanned … is to email me the 36 images (width of 600px on the longer side) when you are done. I’ll post more info about submission details later on.

Remember … the condition is to shoot all these 36 images in one single roll. Do not cheat! Hahaha! It’s already way easier than the first challenge where you have to follow the sequence of the 36 themes. In this new one … you just have to use your creativity instead.

You can use ANY film camera that you like.

Now … who’s game enough for this fun challenge?

To make things even more fun … 8storeytree has agreed to sponsor a mystery prize for the best set of photos submitted. I’ll arrange an independent set of judges for this … to make sure the winner won’t be the one who buys me beer. Hahaha! Anyway … as the organizer I won’t be eligible for this cool mystery prize and so is the sponsor and anyone who sleeps with us. Hmm… wait. That sounds wrong. Anyway … you boys and girls out here … quick load your cameras and start shooting! 😀

Come join the fun!


  1. count me in 😀

  2. Im in!

    ill try it this week end

  3. Cool! Now that we have friends from Indonesia & Japan joining us in the challenge … this is gonna get even more exciting.

  4. sounds fun, and i’d wanna take part in a competition outside the lomography website.hehe
    im in! born in the Philippines, living in Indonesia!

  5. great idea! will deffo try!

  6. I am IN! This will be my first challenge! I think I’ll be using my Lomo.

  7. @cinzinc : Cool!

    @Matt : Great to hear that you are participating. It’s gonna be great seeing entries from many places now.

    @Lo : Congrats on your new cam. Can’t wait to see your entries. Btw, I’ve replied your email regarding the wide lens.

  8. can i spread the word?? i want in. ;P

  9. @solace : Of course!

  10. woohoo I’m in! juz need to find a subject….

  11. gr8 challenge!
    I’m gonna give this a try tho’ i don’t have any idea how i’m gonna do it (yet)

  12. This is getting hot!

  13. its getting way hotter than hot!

  14. I guess our two nights in Vietnam have disqualify me.. 🙁

  15. @doublechin : Oh hell no! We were staying in different rooms! I am as straight as can be and you are as s… oh nevermind. Hehe. If you disqualify yourself, I am sure many of us will be disappointed. We want your masterpieces in this challenge too! Go finish your roll soon. 😀

  16. soon it’ll become a worldwide event!!

  17. I’m in the U.S., so how many countries will that make?

  18. @cinzinc

    where do u live?

  19. @scapetist : So are you joining us? 😀

    @Lo : From those who replied here … it seems we have people from at least 4 countries already. That’s gonna make it so exciting!

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  21. UPDATE : A pair of judges for this challenge has been decided and will be announced soon, as well as details on submission. Good luck all! Just forget about winning for now … and enjoy the process … which is what this challenge is all about.

  22. we can do double exposures right?

  23. @renaldy : Of course! As long as the same subject is visible in all the frames … I don’t see why a double exposure is not possible. Hahaha. Have fun!

  24. WOW!
    This is a best challenge..
    Ndroo… Count me in !!!!!!!!

  25. @Lizastoner : Cool!

  26. Oh–this sounds like fun!! Think I’ll use my little vivi UWS for this one.

  27. @Jenni : Looking forward to your entries.

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  29. when will this end. i must hurry hurry. haven’t start. oh no!!

  30. […] Refer Ndroo’s blog post for details […]

  31. where r the submissions!

  32. @ymmij : I am wondering too. I hope they will come pouring in the next couple of days. Perhaps some are waiting to shoot/develop/scan during this coming weekend. Last minute submissions are possible. Hahaha. I’m gonna go nuts sorting them out eh? Can’t wait!

  33. just gotten my film camera, guess i wont make it in time for this unless got deadline extension, still waiting for my test roll to be developed to check out if the camera is in working condition.

    anyway hope to join the next 36 frames challenge soon. 🙂

  34. @hellfire : No worries. There is always a next one. Enjoy your film cam and hope the roll turns out great.

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