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It’s finally Friday again! While waiting for the happy weekend to arrive, I thought I might as well add an entry to share this super funny and cute photograph that I saw in the news recently. It is the type of photo that makes me smile every time I see it.

Cute ain’t it? Hahaha. This was somehow an ‘accidental’ shot when the American couple were on vacation in Canada. They had the self timer on … posed for the photo and suddenly out came a curious squirrel who looked straight at the camera (maybe attracted by the blinking light and beeping on the camera?) … the camera locked focus and this photo became a sensation on the internet. They even sent this to National Geographic and those guys there love it!

Check out ‘The Squirrelizer’ here. So now you know how famous this little busybody is? The next time you see a couple posing for photos (with camera on self time), try jumping in front of the camera … seconds before the photo is taken. You might just be the next superstar online … or … get punched in the face by the couple. Hahahaha!

Come to think of it … I do have some photos that look a little bit like this. Instead of the squirrel, my photos has a friend who always give me the ‘huh?’ look everytime he ends up in the frame. Hmm … wonder if I should also send them to National Geographic. Hmm …


  1. hahah sure is a great shot 😀
    hi i already sent the roll of film to you 😀 youll probably get it in 4 days 😀

  2. @mijonju : Cool. I’ll be sending you my rolls maybe next week. Trying to finish it as soon as possible.

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