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For those who are participating in the ’36 Frames : II’ challenge (read about it here if you haven’t) … here’s the good news. 8storeytree has just informed me that the ‘mystery’ prize which they are sponsoring for the winning set of photos is … the sexy and sleek ‘White Slim Angel’ camera!

The White Slim Angel is a Superheadz ‘redesigned’ of the all popular Vivitar UWS. Everything works the same, except that the appearance and colour of the body is in White!!
This small lightweight camera has a wide 22mm lens which provides massive depth of field, an ultra wide angle and corner vignetting (darkening).

For those of you who has not started shooting … it’s time to load your cameras and fire away! Details on submission is here. Deadline is on the 31st August 2009 … so remember to submit your photos early. 😀 The White Slim Angel (though the print on the camera says ‘Super Fat Lens’! Hahaha!) is waiting for you to take her home. Don’t forget to include your details when sending in your entries … or else I’ll have to keep the Angel for you if you do win.

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  1. i hope its me .. 😀

  2. check this out.. you might wanna get this fuji pet

  3. @mijonju : Good luck! As for the Fujipet … *sweats looking at the price*

  4. This project is really cool !! I hope you’re gonna do some more because for this one the deadline is too short wilt the Lc-A race that is taking a ot of time… 🙂

  5. @fabyen : There will definitely be other ’36 Frames’ challenges in the near future. Stay tuned! 🙂

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