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The postman came today and in the parcel wasn’t the usual camera stuffs but 3 DVDs I bought online recently.  No! Not porn! I couldn’t find them in stores here in Singapore (but last week I saw the Alison Krauss one … but it was too late) and since they are some of my all time favourite performers … I decided to pay for shipping from overseas.

One disappointment was the missing song ‘Missing You’ in the Alison Krauss’s DVD. I love that video I saw on YouTube that was also recorded in the tracking room but it wasn’t on the DVD. Duh! I remember how much I loved that song years and years ago (yeah I’m THAT old) and now with Alison singing it with him … it brings a different feel to it.

Here’s the video in case anyone of you is interested 😀

Other than that … I love these DVDs lots and lots! Watching Alison Krauss perform live with people like Brad Paisley and James Taylor is a wonderful magical feel. She sings almost effortlessly and her often described as ‘angelic’ voice is amazing. I really can’t decide if I love ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ or ‘How’s The World Treating You’ better. Both sound really sad yet sweet.

… and the duet with James Taylor. Isn’t she beautiful? Awwww …

Rob Thomas’s performance at Red Rocks is another DVD that’s worth buying. The acoustic rendition of the classic ‘Smooth’ made me sit still and went ‘awwwww!’. I can’t wait for his next live DVD with Matchbox Twenty.

The last one is Blue October’s old live DVD … ‘Argue With A Tree’. I am sure Laura (Lo) will second this … it is one super duper awesome live concert! Nothing too fancy. Just the great band churning out some of their best songs ever.  Justin Furstenfeld sounds amazing in this concert and it really made me feel like I was sitting out there watching them performing live.

Despite knowing this weekend’s gonna be one hell busy one, I am gonna let these 3 DVDs be my weekend entertainment along with some icy cold beer … after Fitzand goes to bed.

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  1. lovely song 😀

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