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Ever done or said something you thought was okay but later realise that you might have started a nuclear war? Well I’ve done so one too many times. Here is one I can’t help but laugh every time I think of it. It happened a couple of weeks ago at 15 Minutes cafe located at the LaSalle College Of The Arts here in Singapore.

That evening, I was having dinner and beer with my family and friends and we were seated comfortably somewhere in front of the bar counter. Fitzand was ‘loitering’ around with my Golden Half camera, randomly firing away at people’s butts and chairs etc. No … that ain’t the funny part.

He was looking at some posters in front of the bar counter and there was a lady sitting there enjoying her drink. There was this black & white poster pasted where she was sitting (refer to illustration below). As her legs were blocking the poster, Fitzand couldn’t see clearly what the poster was (it was actually a photo of a guy in jeans) and thought it was a an elephant. The grey jeans made the guy’s leg in the poster look a little bit like an elephant trunk.

He stood there for a while trying to look at the ‘elephant’ and then called to to me saying ‘Daddy! Elephant! Elephant!’. I turned around to take a look and then very cleverly told him …

“No! No! Boy … that is not an elephant! It looks like an elephant leg eh???!”

Then there was a moment of silence. I turned back and saw my friends giving me the ‘WTF did you just say?’ stare. Oh shit! Oh damn! I was trying damn hard not to burst out in laughter … in case the lady turned around and throw her mug at me. LOL!!!

To top it all off … the lady sitting there was ermm … ‘pretty well built’. She probably thought I was referring to her when I said those were elephant legs! Muwahahaha! Thank God she didn’t come charging at me. Maybe she was embarassed or already had one too many drinks and couldn’t move a muscle. Phew!!!


  1. lol!.. WTF!

  2. ahahahahaha!! nice illustration btw.. lolz!

  3. hahaha!!! its ok lets laugh out loud here together

  4. @mijonju : Okay. On three … ONE … TWO … THREE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wahahah. Ndroo ,this is a classic FML moment.

  6. @Mike : Yeah … a FMY entry for sure! LOL!

  7. LOL…… the other day i was reading some forward mail similar to ya story…. say the wrong thing at the wrong time….

  8. OMG!!! LOL!!!

  9. @norya : So I am not alone! LOL!

    @cyanwater : Oh yeah … I almsot couldn’t make it back alive and be typing this now. 😀

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