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  1. OMG 2nd pic! /faint.

  2. @ymmij : I am sure you have just as many cameras at home eh? 😀

  3. lovely collection! any links to her blog or her website?

  4. nevermind.. i saw it 😀 its at the last part 😀

  5. oh by the way i got my mini diana already 😀

  6. @mijonju : Glad you found the link. I’ve gotta do fix my CSS for my blog. Links seem to appear in same color as the other text. 😀 Congrats on the Mini.

  7. @jimmy im sure u do… haha.

  8. Wow!!! That shot of the foul weather, with the dark twigs coming in from the sides, that one just blows me away! An award winner for sure!

  9. thanks for the insightful interview andrew! your blog’s big fan now haha!

  10. thanks for insightful interview!!! im your blog’s fan now haha

  11. great interview…. great shoots… and pic 2!!!!! i wish i got the same set up in my room…

  12. @norya : Go stack up all the 8storeytree’s stocks and you’ll get a bigger colony of cameras than the one in the photo. 😀

  13. hi andrew! thanks for insightful interview!!

  14. […] 3 09 2009 Big shout out of thanks to Andrew at Fuzzy Eyeballs for giving me the opportunity to share some thoughts on foul weather photography and lo-fi […]

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