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Just came back from a beer cum dinner session with the ‘delivery boy’ from 8storeytree. I’ve replenished my slide film supply as well as received my white Digital Harinezumi. Yay! Hahhaa.

Thought I’ll share these short little video clips I took last weekend with my compact camera. Nevermind the video quality … I am just a little very lazy to shoot HD videos and having to edit and upload them. 😀

This first one was shot last weekend and the Animal Resort. Fitzand was having a good time feeding the bunnies and later on … his ice cream cone and running after a goose. 😀

Second one is an extremely short video. Fitzand loves messing with my iPod Touch and I love seeing how his little fingers navigate the touch screen. In this video, he was playing a bowling game. Surprisingly, he’s pretty good at it! Yeah … even better than his old daddy! See for yourself …

He had more strikes than I could manage but too bad he grabbed my camera right after I finished shooting this. Guess he loves cameras better … like I do. 😀


  1. why he don’t want to eat my carrot…?? u give him again lor… how encouraging. 😀

  2. haha, great! upload some vids please 😀 (degi hari)

  3. @solace : LOL! Then what do you expect me to say? 😀

    @mijonju : I’ll have to go buy the memory card before I can use my Digi Hari. Hahaha. I could only stare at it last night because I don’t have a Micro SD card for it.

  4. so cute…

  5. @norya : He looked so sad when you had to leave last night. Haiks. Can you open a childcare center? 😀

  6. @ndroo : …… i dun mean to make him sad… sorry….

  7. @norya : Nah. Not your fault at all. He just loves playing with you. Hahaha. You big kid!

  8. ehhhhhhmmmm…. like u do. 😀

  9. *slaps solace*

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