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Woke up around 630am this morning trying to capture a short video clip of the sunrise. Not actually of the sun rising but of the scene outside my window. Will post the video and talk about it later. Anyway … right after the sky turned bright, on my way for my morning coffee (yeah a little early today because Fitzand has to be at the childcare before 830am … they are going on a excursion to the Army Museum today) … in came a SMS. It said ‘Dude … check out the papers’. Papers? Then I realised it’s Wednesday and there will be the Digital Life section in the Straits Times paper.

What’s with the paper then? Duh. I then realised that a recent interview I had with them about the Olympus E-P1 should be out today. Ermm … taking a deep breath, I got a copy of the paper and … here it is …

See me smiling like a fool! Argh!

Doesn’t that seem to be some marketing speech? “Compact cameras cannot offer the same quality”. “Superb image quality with little noise even under low-light conditions and the dynamic range …”. The interview was actually pretty casual and I remember yakking more things than that. There were many things I said that might make me one of the most hated people in Singapore … but they didn’t print those. I yakked about lousy plastic cameras and experimental photography but they didn’t print that. Hmm … wait … maybe it’s supposed to be just about praising the E-P1 only eh? Duh!

I actually do not have any problem being interviewed by to have a photo of me smiling (!!!) in the papers … somehow scares me.

Here’s a little ‘story’ about this funny incident that ended up with me having to put my smiling (!!!) face in there. Someone contacted me, asking if I’d be willing to be interviewed about the E-P1 camera … since I am a big fan of the cam. I was given two choices … First will be to be interviewed through email and the results will be part of an article … and second was to be a face-to-face interview whereby a photographer will be present to take photos of me. Of course being a shy guy … I went for the first option. I replied that person with some info that he wanted … together with my contact number.

Guess what? The next reply I got was … ‘Great! The editor will contact you personally.’. I was shocked! Why would he want to contact me if we could just do it through email? Well … so I got a call from someone from the papers and since I’ve given the green light for the interview … I ended up sitting at a garden bar one afternoon … with a pint of beer … for the interview. That ain’t no problem at all … but there was a photographer present too! Argh!!!! He made me smile for some shots at the end of the interview … and I really … hated that. Hahaha. Yeah I hate to have my photographs taken … especially when I have to give some fake smiles. Urgggh!!! The last time I had to go thru this torture was during my wedding album shoot and I thought that will be the last time I’ve to do such things. Arghh!!!

I’ll go join a death metal band soon, so that the next time someone interviews me and needs some photos taken … I can give that I-am-gonna-kill you look and pose.


  1. handsome! 😀

  2. @ymmij : You idiot! Arggh! Anyway … does the background of the photo look familiar to you? 😀

  3. cool you are in the news paper

  4. but not really, the reason i didnt sell my dp2 is beacuse its a compact camera that has better quality then the e-p1 but cannot exchange lens, to me the dp2 is as good as my RC35 olympus.. but i stilll love the pen 😀

  5. @mijonju : That’s why I was kinda irritated by the way they put what I said to print. Maybe it’s for marketing purposes. I didn’t say that “Compact cameras cannot offer the same quality” … but I was telling them that the compact camera I have cannot offer the same quality & performance. Duh!!!

  6. OMG!!! Uncle is famous!!! And I want the EP-1!!!

  7. Haha….we are talking online about the aggressive advertising of Olympus EP-1 yesterday and today you become the spokeman. Nice photo….

  8. You’re a star!!!

  9. Ermmmm … wait. I didn’t intend to be their spokesman unless they pay me. Those super marketing style words in the interview were probably edited version of the whole interview. I don’t sound like a camera salesman in real person. LOL!

  10. famous liao ! 🙂

  11. how much they paying you?

  12. @peter : They just paid for my beer during the interview. Come buy me beer and I’ll lie for you. Hahaha. Duh!!!!

  13. wah, cheap labour ley.. LOL, though I do wonder if the papers were paid by Olympus to get this interview done..

  14. @Irorus : Yeah man! But then … I’m used to it. Pond scum, cheap labour. 🙁

  15. Good job!

  16. @Laura : Think the good job goes to the editor. Hahaha. He/she made the printed version sound like some super good sales talk eh? 😀

  17. wow! now that makes me wanna buy EP1 even more!!!

  18. the most handsome shoot…… ever…..

  19. @norya : I am going … TO …. KILL … YOU!!!!

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