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Finally replenished my Instax Mini film (well … just 2 packs) and since I was feeling a little bored this afternoon when Fitzand was taking his nap … I decided to try this ‘mix it up’ trick. There were times I wondered why didn’t they make multi-colored filters for the normal Diana F+ camera just like what they did for the Multi Pinhole Operator (MPO) … so I decided to mix them up and see how it goes.

Here’s the setup … I taped up a selected colored filter onto the front of the lens using some small pieces of tape. As I wasn’t feeling too well … I thought I could do some ‘portraits’ of my cameras to test out this combo. Since the Diana closeup-lens is to be attached in front of the 55mm wide lens … I just mounted the closeup lens on top of the setup you see below.

Lighting in my room was bad and so I made use of the Colorsplash flash to help shorted the exposure time and as well as pumping in some other wild colors into the scene. I was delighted when the first shot turned out fine. Colors were wild! Some turned out looking like some thermal imaging camera! Coolness!

I ended up burning the entire pack of film on this. 😀


  1. i once had an idea before.. and it was to use revesal films to take shots of the LCD screen with the color wheel..
    after the revesal films are develop i can use the colored wheel imaged film to make it into filters.. 1 roll i can make a good collection of 36 filters

  2. pink dalek… oh no. droools* where did u get it from??

  3. @mijonju : Quick go try that out. I’m sure it will work great.

    @solace : I got it from our friendly (but poisonous) neighbourhood store … 😀

  4. i totally love this!! Wild colors!

  5. @irorus : Thanks.

  6. have meh :p got lobang never say.

  7. @solace : I bought it long long ago when they used to sell it. 😀

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