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These couple of weeks, I accidentally stumbled upon some food that are definitely a big secret to losing weight. Just make sure you are served these two dishes for every meal … for a month. I guarantee that you will shed at least 10kg. For those skinny ones … please do not try this at home (or anywhere). You might die of hunger.

Hahaha! Oh hell. Let’s see what I was talking about (above).

One fine evening upon reaching home, my Filipino maid served me this bowl of …. ermm … see for yourselves …

I stared at it for some minutes before having the courage to try eat a little of it. Well it ain’t as yucky as it looks but after about 3 minutes … I abandoned the entire dinner. Oh … dinner was actually this yucky looking dish, soup and rice. I finished the soup but there was no way I could eat the rice with this dish.

So what actually was it? It was vegetables cooked with green bean (!!!) and pork. I’ve never seen such dish in my whole life and I was told it is some Filipino dish. Really? Gosh! It tasted a little like mud! Damn!

She let Fitzand try a little bit of it and he spit it out the next second. Muwahahaha! Gosh! We told her not to ever try cooking such ‘exotic’ food again.

Now look at the next photo below …

Muwahahaha! What does it remind you of?

I was at an Indian curry restaurant for lunch with a colleague yesterday and she ordered this Sabzi Kebab. It was supposed to be some vegetarian kebab and we were both expecting some yummy vegetables in skewers but when the waiter served this Sabzi Kebab … I stared at it and asked her ‘What is this??!!!’.

Both of us went silent for a moment. I tried not to say what it looks like but I’m sure my colleague knows it too. Oh, it was her order anyway. Hahaha! Thank God I had rice instead. I did try eating a little bit of it … and it tastes pretty okay. A little spicy but a bit way too salty. But it looks …. YUCKY!!! Damn!

So now you understand why I said that by having these two dishes for meals every single day will make you lose weight? 😀

I’ll stick to burgers and fries!



  2. wow..looks delicious (if u’ve been starving for years!)

  3. eww.. hahaha! i know please foward this to a chain mail,

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  4. LOL……… thanks for making me no appetite to eat dinner….

  5. ARHHHH!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Hahaha! Actually I’m kinda worried when there are comments to this entry … because I’ll have to come in to view the comments and at the same time get freaked out by the photos of the … ermm …. food.

  7. wow what a week. i can understand why u dont like her. mine cooks presentable looking yummy stuff. :p

  8. @solace : Stop making me feel oh-so-jealous.

  9. What a sight! Looks like a torture meal!

  10. You’re commentary is hysterical! I’m losing weight just by looking at the photos!

  11. @doublechin @ Susan : Hope I didn’t make you both lose too much weight with these photos. 😀

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