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It took them quite a while to get this prize I won in the Jones Soda – Lomography contest delivered but it finally came in the mail today. The Lomo POP9 … super-duper-plasticky 9 lens camera. 😀

Spent the evening guiding and helping Fitzand complete his DIY lantern ‘project’ which actually was due today but we overlooked it. Hahaha! So it was quite a rush for us to complete it and hand it over to the teachers tomorrow. I think they are having some moon cake festival thingie going on this Thursday and the kiddos are supposed to bring their own DIY lantern. Well the childcare supplied this lantern kit which we were supposed to cut, color and glue it together.

The kit came with 3 little tubs of colors and a brush, so after showing Fitzand how to use it … he took over the task of painting the outer sides of the lantern. I made very sure I didn’t help him paint it (apart from a little demo in the begining) because I wanted it to be his original work. At 2 years old, of course I don’t expect it to turn out like some masterpiece but it is always super cool to see what he can come out with.

It’s funny to see him concentrating on painting …

He decided to get creative …

Soon … painting was done and he was quickly brought into the bathroom for a shower. I dried the colors with a hair dryer and then later let Fitzand stick a few stickers on it and glued the pieces of cards together to form the final lantern.

And finally it was all ready for him to bring to class tomorrow. Phew! It sure ain’t easy being a dad. Hahaha. He finished his ‘school work’, drank his milk and went to bed … here is daddy … compiling the photos, uploading them and typing this blog entry with fuzzy eyeballs. Time to get some rest. Good night.

Oh … and for those wondering why I’ve not been posting any analogue photos for a while … I should be able to finish a roll of doubles with a Japanese friend in a day or two and also perhaps another 2 rolls in my other cams.


  1. very talented 😀

  2. See you at Bishan Park? hehe

  3. Looks like a masterpiece! Seriously, I’ve seen paintings in galleries that look a lot this Fitzand’s work!

  4. @mijonju : Well at least he did better than my first attempt at painting with acrylic some time ago. LOL.

    @cyanwater : Sure!

    @Lo : Really? Okay … I’m gonna make sure we collect back this lantern and I’ll try sell it on eBay. 😀

  5. Nice colorsplash!!! 🙂

  6. i got the pop9 too!!!!…. fitzand its a abstract artist… i think u shud try let him do some art work on your camera….

  7. @Jer : Thanks

    @norya : Your pop9 arrived too eh? Cool! I’ll try let Fitzand ‘deco’ a cam someday soon. Hmm. What kind of paint do you think will stick well on plastic cams eh?

  8. ermmmm…… that i think i need to go check it out for you… cause plastic tend to very smooth… so paint is very difficult to stick on it… when i go art fren i go help you source ok…. hehehhehe

  9. @norya : Thanks. Hehehe. After you find out for me, I go ask 8storeytree sponsor me some cams for this.

  10. …….. =_=

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