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A friend sent me a link to this Yashica EZ F521 camera and at first look … I thought it is another plastic old film camera. Checking out the details, it seems this retro looking camera is a digital one!

It has a 5 megapixel sensor, 2.4 inch LCD, auto ISO setting and a lens that reminds us of the good old Holga camera. Focusing seems to be manual … note the mountain and flower icons on the side of the lens.

It runs on AA batteries, shoots 640×480 video and has a 32MB internal memory. SD/SHDC cards are accepted.

At US$89, it sounds pretty affordable but whether it produces cool Holga/Lomo looking photos … is yet to be known. I can’t seem to find any sample photos taken with it online at the moment. The cool retro look might attract some attention but I guess everyone will be very curious to see how it performs (or rather how it doesn’t perform). It will be really cool of it produces some result like what the Digital Harinezumi does … or maybe at least something cool and weird like what a Holga can spit out.

The camera is currently available here at Exemode.


  1. if it is like a digital holga. santa let this be my xmas present 🙂

  2. WAH!!! You are extremely fast with posting!!! Haha…

  3. Ok…I might just be able to afford this. 😉

  4. looks good.. 😀

  5. This definitely looks promising but still … we need sample photos from it to prove that it is a fun cam to own. Anyone buying one to test? 😀

  6. My first 35mm camera was a lovely little Yashica Partner (nice pic here so this brings back memories!

  7. @Kelly : That’s a very neat looking Partner! Cool!

  8. @Ndroo : I think you are the chosen one to give us the best review…so BUY!!!! Haha…

  9. @Jer : Don’t think I will. Hahaha. I’m saving my $ for some other stuff. 😛

  10. aiks… mum recently pass her all her old camera.. i think one of them is yashica…..

  11. @norya : You lucky girl! You must have some very cool old cams now eh? Got time to play with them? 😀

  12. got a few… but no time to play.. but i tried some of the flash not working anymore….. well….. still a treasure to me….. its priceless already… hehehehe

  13. @ndroo. it is tempting enough to want to buy it. hmmm. i wonder what are u buying tht out weighs this??

  14. @solace : I spent my last dime on a 20mm f1.7 lens for my E-P1 already. No more buying for a a while. 🙁

  15. I want one of these….

  16. @Ta : Don’t forget to let us know how it performs (or better still … not perform) … and share some sample photos. Really hope it doesn’t perform like normal digi cams. 😀

  17. well, friend – 5 megapixels lo-fi has nothing to do with holga, where you can scan a full-frame 6×6 at _any_ resolution up to the film grains. Lomo is an analogue lo-fi, but not every lo-fi is lomo.

  18. @BreakPhreak : Well said. Maybe it is about time to coin a new term for lousy-low-performing-yet-produces-pretty-cool-images digital cameras. 😀

  19. I got one of these and they are fun. Digital filters can be selected before or after shooting. Move the camera during a photo and it bends (not blurs) the image as the sensor scans. It even does video. But its no digital Holga.

  20. @perrins57 : I picked up one of these for my boy to shoot with. Can the filters be selected after shooting in camera? Oh I didn’t know that. Agree that it ain’t no Holga for sure! 😀

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