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The Diana Mini created quite a lot of excitement not too long ago and I’m sure there are many fans of this cute little camera out there. I came across this neat half case (leather??) from Korea and thought maybe I can post some images of them here … in case some of you might be interested. They are going for US$39.99 each and comes in few pretty cute colors …

These cute cases are available on e(vil)Bay by the seller stylepaparazzi.

Nah … I won’t be getting any of these. I somehow prefer my Diana & Diana Mini cameras … naked. 😀


  1. Oooh.. the pink is looking so sweet! But i still prefer to dress it up DIY.. ahahaha.

  2. damn.. i wish i can do these! wait.. i can.. i just dont have the time

  3. arrrr!!

  4. @irorus : I’m sure you can dress em up real cute. Have you done one for the Mini already?

    @mijonju : I am also sure you can do a leather case for it, since you can already do the Klasse one for me. Hahaha. Yeah … dont’ we all need more time in life? 🙁

  5. i prefer to diy it myself too… even no time… i will still try to do it….

  6. i went to the ebay.. it look so messy…. hahahah

  7. @noreen : Good to hear that. Hahaha. I’d love to try making one myself but my fat fingers can never do good with sewing. Hahaha Why is ebay messy? :O

  8. @noreen: maybe u can design one?

  9. @ndroo- erh, LSI never get back to me regarding the diana mini i won ley.. Once i receive the extra one, I’ll probably do something to it. 🙂

  10. @irorus : They sometimes take quite long to send us cams that we win. My POP9 took a long long time to arrive. Hahaha. Anyway … just wait. Haha. Hey you were suppose to drop by to collect the rolls of film!

  11. UPDATE

    For those in Singapore, I got news that ThirtySix at Sunshine Plaza will be bringing in these cute cases in real soon. 😉

  12. gonna be jobless soon… so i guess if i got time ill definetely look into this… LOL

  13. @norya : With Jim’s store up and running, you can sit back and relax for a while. Make some cool cases etc and I’m sure lots of us will be ordering from you.

  14. ndroo- Maybe I pick em tom ok? These few days raining.. Paiseh. ;p

  15. @irorus : oh no! i m on leave tmr! mon can?

  16. Not available 🙁

  17. @Magali : What is not available? :S

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