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Another weekend came and went but unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish a roll on my Gakkenflex and thus I ain’t got no photos to blog about for the weekend. Yeah … I didn’t even touch my digital cam! Saturday was busy with a great pot luck session with some old friends at night. Had a great time with yummy food and for once the whole house was super lively. Fitzand had a busy evening playing with them … and was so tired that he fell asleep right after his shower.

Sunday was reserved for family day and after a pork rib soup breakfast (‘bakuteh’), we went out to do some shopping and I bought myself a very sleek compact amp for my iPod Touch.

Nu Force Icon Mobile

Despite the fact that I rip all my CDs into lossless format, I sometimes find the sound out from the iPod leaves much to be desired. I ain’t no audiophile but I still find something ‘missing’ there. So I was in search for a cheaper solution to make things (a little) better. Recently I bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones to use when I don’t need the compactness of the Beats Tour edition in-ear headphones. The Icon amp does make things sound hell better when paired with either of these headphones.

My new love …
The Audio Technica headphones!

… but the Beats Tour is still my best friend when I need to travel light.

I am connecting the amp to my iPod through the iPod’s USB connector instead of the 3.5mm output … as I was told that by doing so, it bypasses the sound card thingie in the iPod and gives much better sound. The guy at the shop showed me a short little cable with the USB connecter and I almost fainted when he told me the price of that (darn) little cable costs about S$100+. Maybe he saw the shocked look on my face and told me to get an adapter to the USB connector¬† and use the 3.5mm connector cable included in the package instead. Hahaha.

The amp is slim and small but putting it together with the iPod somehow makes it a little bigger ‘bundle’ but luckily they still can fit into the case I use. The little amp costs about S$180 but it has already given me lots of new enjoyment for those few hours I was listening to songs last night.

I wish it has an on/off switch though. The only way to power it off now is by unplugging the headphone jack and that’s a little troublesome sometimes. Bah!

For a review of this little amp … check out this link and for more info about this little amp … check out their official site link here.

I’m working on a new video using my Digital Harinezumi but that might take another week or so to complete because as usual … my video clips are ultra mega short and I’ll need a big bunch of them to make a decent length video.


  1. audio technica headphones (and earphones) ARE DA BOMB! i swear by them .. and have never regretted since. (although i wish audio technica sees this and give me some advertising space) haha

  2. @carrie : Oh yeah. They are cool. I was eyeing the Beats Studio ones but they cost way too much. A friend recommended a pair of Sennheiser but after about few seconds of listening at the shop … I put it down. Hahaha. Maybe it is individual preference. Luckily the guy at the shop recommended me this AT set and I fell in love with it.

  3. looks nice and i’m sure it sounds nice too. Where to get that amp ?

  4. @darren : I got mine from Stereo Electronics at Causway Point. They have an outlet in Plaza Singapura too.

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