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I’m sure some of you have seen these but I’ve just got to know that Pentax offers their K-x DSLR in many (really many!) cool colors. Ever since I started using those plastic cams like the Diana F+ clones etc, my black DSLR has been treated like the ugly duckling in my dry cabinet. I wonder if Canon will ever do something this cool and colorful.

100 of them? Really? Madness!!! I can imagine standing in the shop and having to pick one. Hahaha!

Dear Santa … can you drop these 100 cameras at my doorstep?

But seriously … if I ever wanna switch brand to Pentax … I still prefer the candy colored one …


  1. OMG!!!!so colorful!!!PURPLE & PINK!!!!damn damn damn…

  2. gosh.. another… what if i was color blind.. maybe i wont be tempted

  3. wah~~~~ my kinda DSLR!!! Too bad I ain’t born with a silver spoon. Lucky I still love film more!

  4. try scrolling up and down..

    *dizzy dizzy

  5. Hahaha. I get dizzy looking at the many color combo too.

  6. WOW !!


    check this out man!! high speed!!

  8. @Mijonju : Thanks for sharing. Wow the cam looks real weird! Hahaha. I love the color (red) though.

  9. is that a color palatte??? or lots of camerasssssss…. bhwhahahah
    thank god im not dslr person…. amen

  10. @noreen : Yeah the many crazy colors make my eyes really fuzzy. Hahaha. If only they are Canon. So you escaped from the DSLR stunt last weekend eh? 😀

  11. the stunt gonna happen tmr… and i so getting away from the whole thing!!!!!!!! bwahahaahahah

  12. @norya : Yeah. Stay as far as possible. Muwahahaha!

  13. OMG N love wth it hehe
    Thanks ndro love your blog

  14. @kholoud : Yeah these colorful babies are tempting. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Goodness! What are these?!!!

  16. @cyanwater : What drugs are you on? 😛 These are cameras! 😀

  17. WOW!!! MADNESS!! I fell in love with no.57

  18. Wow! MADNESS!!!! 0__0!!
    I fell in love with no.057.. heheee..

  19. @dewi : it’s okay. Hahaha. I’ve deleted one of the duplicated entries.

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