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Lomography contacted me recently … asking if I could so a ‘tipster’ thingie for their festive newsletter. Well … originally I agreed to perhaps do something like a ’36 frames’ tipster entry but gave up after a while. I just couldn’t find time to really shoot 36 themes.

So I had to work on another idea and one evening while sitting in front of my computer munching chips … I thought of this. I’ll maybe post more about how I did these (though it probably ain’t hard to figure it out) later on after I finish writing a little ‘guide’ for the tipster entry. Basically all I wanted was to add some ‘snow’ scenes to whatever I shoot in the 2nd exposure. Hahaha. Not everyone of these will have ‘snow’ in them though.

I did the first exposure using my old Nikon FA and the 2nd exposure with a LC-A+. I probably screwed up in marking the first frame and thus most of the frames overlapped. Not too bad a mistake I guess. I kinda love the mad overlaps. It is also the first time I’m trying out Fujichrome MS 10/1000.

To be honest … I wasn’t at all confident many of these will turn out fine. I was very worried about over-exposing them because I didn’t compensate the exposure while shooting the 2nd round. Guess I was a bit lucky this time.

I didn’t have much time to really shoot the 2nd exposures because I have only this weekend to complete these. Most of the shots here were taken yesterday and you’ll even see one or two of them having scenes from the sunrise when I woke up at 5am to go ‘sun chasing’ again. 😀

My sunrise shooting buddy. Luckily I caught him shooting me!

Maybe I’ll print some of these using my postcard printer and send them out to my buddies overseas! Hahaha!

I think I’ve been doing way too many doubles recently. I’ve got 3 rolls on the way to Japan for a doubles collaboration and still preparing 2 rolls to be sent to Paris soon. Perhaps I’ll take a short break from doubles after those rolls and see if I can used to shooting single exposures. Hmm …


  1. Wow…Nice!

  2. nice ncie!

  3. great shots! So the first exposure was done with B&W images on computer right? Will you please give us hints as to where to find those drawings on the net? Thanks!

  4. @Jer : Thanks

    @ymmij : Thanks

    @Patrick : Thanks. Yup. You are right about the b&w images on the computer. As for the images … I do not have any particular URL with me. All I did was Google for ‘christmas’ and picked up bits and pieces of images from different sites.

  5. @Patrick : Oh btw … some of those images I used for the 1st exposure were pretty small. I had to use a macro lens in order to fill up the entire frame for those smaller images.

  6. My gawd, this are MAD nice. Perfect x’mas theme.

  7. So very kewl!

  8. Very very nice! 😀

  9. uncle, wah good 🙂 at first glance i thought it was a graphic work.

  10. Great idea!

  11. Thanks 🙂 Glad you like em.

  12. nvr stop impress me!!!! really like it…. and postcard its a brilliant idea… can sell them too…

  13. @noreen : Thanks. I’ll go print out some of these and trade for toys at ThirtySix. Do let Jim know about it. 😛

  14. cool! i can’t believe i miss this part from your blog.. hahah great tipster! how did you get it all the “christmas vector like images on your first exp? post cards?

  15. ohh i got it.. its your computer

  16. @Mijonju : Thanks. Yeah the first exposures were all part of some Xmas images/graphics I saw on my computer. I took images of them … some real close because they were just small images.

  17. wow//this is niceeeee!!!

  18. @evaeva : Thanks 🙂

  19. This is too pretty!! Can i have 1 for my festive wallpaper in my lappy? 🙂 Please ….

  20. @Nglia : Thanks. Wallpaper? Sure. Haha. Just let me know the size you need and I’ll email you one. Hope you ain’t going for the one with the guy with moustache. Hahaha!

  21. LOL! Are you refering to Uncle Santa . . i saw a few pics with him .. he got moustache too wor!! … okok .. can i have pic10 – the one with 2 dolls on the right side. ( THANK YOU for advance xmas present ya, i dunno what size … maybe just a original file will do i resize here then. thanks

  22. @Nglia : I’ll go dig out the file when I’m home and send it to you. 🙂

  23. insanely beautiful and inspiring shots. i would love to do something like tat too!

  24. They are very nice! It would look very good on christmas cards!! =)

  25. @bob & Reiz : Thanks

  26. omg this is so cute!
    one thing, i read it was b/w images on your computer and using the same double exposure method
    im really keen on trying it out!

    but displaying a b/w image on a computer= the black will still emit light, wont that still expose the film them?

    also when u roll the film back, how do you keep it from going into the film roll? any… form of indication? the tension when rolling back is pretty great so i carn really tell when there is a difference in tension, often when there is its already all retracted…

    if its of any help i use a nikon FE i inherited haha. ( or maybe( a gakkenflex..? hope i can get it)/underwater camera i picked up)

  27. @yz : Thanks. Well the black on the monitor won’t really be too bright (that sounds a bit odd. LOL). I usually set my monitor brightness to a bit less than max brightness and thus the black will still look okay during the 2nd exposure. As for the film going all the way into the canister, you can either get the lab to help you extract the film lead or use the double-sided tape method to extract it yourself.

  28. what is the double sided tape method!
    *has never heard of it!* lol!

  29. @yz : You can cut a long strip (maybe about 2 or 3 inches) of film strip … cut away the sprockets. Then place some double sided tapes at the end of it. Make sure it is those tapes without foam. To retrieve the film lead, just insert that strip into the ‘hole’ where the film lead once was … making sure the sticky part is facing down. Carefully insert it a bit and ‘wind’ the roll of film as if you are doing a rewinding. That will cause the strip you’ve prepared to go into the canister. Do not rewind it all the way or you’ll get into more headache. Hahaha. Once the strip goes into the canister, gently pull it out and the film lead will usually be pulled out as well. I ain’t good at writing, so I hope whatever I typed above makes sense. Hahaha. I’ll try make a little video of this someday.

  30. ooo ok. i will try that out the next time i get stuck and see how it goes. 😮
    i have losts of film ends from redscaling haha! XD

    may i know where you bought the film u used for this set? the colours are amazing!! 😀

  31. @yz : I got them from ThirtySix at Sunshine Plaza.

  32. i cant seem to get the film out T___T oh no 🙁
    eeps. trying everything i can think off D: won’t come out. haha the double sided tape seems to refuse to go in!

    or its not catching. arg. i think im scratching the film @___@ *SOS* ahha

  33. @yz : When you used the double-sided tape method … does the film strip (with double-sided tape) go in when you wind the roll of film? If it does go into the canister? Btw … don’t worry about scratching the film a little. 😀 You might get some cool madass effects. Stay calm.

  34. @yz : Okay … specially for you … I’ve done up some images for this extraction method. Haha. Just in case my earlier explaination wasn’t clear. Check it out here

  35. lol it doesnt seem to move in, like its not catching but when i pull it out it has brown bits (like the film “brown”) on it.. haah i .. am calm.. :O *breathe*
    lol.. basically it wont catch:/

  36. @yz : Could it be because the strip you made is too short?

  37. quite possible :/ i am using the very end after all.
    thank you so so so so so soooooo much though 🙁

    i feel really bad for making u do this at this hr 🙁

  38. @yz : No worries. Don’t feel bad. I’ve always wanted to share this ‘trick’ that I learned.

  39. great idea! maybe i should try it too

  40. Do u think if using photoshop u think can come out tis kinda effect as well?

  41. @unluckyXIII : Thanks. Yeah you should go try it. It’s fun!

    @Sherry Valerie : Photoshop? Well I’m sure it can be done (with the right Photoshop skills). I ain’t one who like spending time behind the PC doing Photoshopping and I love the fun, exciting and unexpected results of shooting film … so I’ll stick to doing double exposures this way. 😀

  42. Great stuff as usual sia.. Unker wanna do doubles? =))

  43. @nic : I’d love to. Maybe you can drop me your email contact etc? However, that will be maybe a month or two from now because I’ve a backlog of 2 rolls to shoot for a double with a friend in Paris. Hahaha. Busy busy life and not much time to shoot.

  44. Sure mate, anytime u’re ready jus mail me at

  45. @nic : Okie dokie!

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