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Came across this website ‘Days With My Father’ by Phillip Toledano and can’t resist but to share it with everyone here. In this life, some are afraid of growing old … while some are in a constant fear of death. There is no way we can change all these but while we are alive, why not make the best of it and appreciate life to the max. Hmm … I am not talking about spending all our money on more cameras!!! Okay … get serious for a while. I’m still feeling a lil’ emo after going through all the photos and text in that website.

Click HERE to appreciate the very nicely done photos and a very beautiful story. Without text … the story might not be that comprehensive but these very strong images are definitely the type that can speak for themselves very well.

I better start training Fitzand to take better portraits and he can take photos of me when I’m too weak to load  film/memory cards in my cameras.


  1. Ok im gonna feel alittle emo now.

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of life.

  3. Thanks Andrew – for this sharing thing. No doubt, rather emo now hurhur.

  4. Thanks for sharing…..having a heavy heart after reading….

  5. ….. emo’ing…. and ponder about my own life….

  6. me too! thanks 4 sharing ndroo

  7. i got over the emo…. then here i saw the email notification on this page… im back emo’ing all over again…. i bet i will keep emo’ing everytime someone post a comment….

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