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The lady from accounts department handed me a letter today and I burst into laughter. No … not a letter from my boss saying that I got an increment (something I’ve lost contact with). It was a letter from Canada and on it … it was written ‘The Art Of Waiting’. What’s so funny about that? I was waiting (impatiently) for a parcel to arrive. The parcel is suppose to be a replacement hard disk from Seagate and since I will be on leave for a week from tomorrow … I hoped the hard disk will be in my hands before my week-long break.

Back to the story of the letter. I started laughing because I told the accounts lady that maybe the letter was from God because He found out how impatient I was … waiting for the parcel. Hahaha! Then I left the office for a ciggie break and when I went back to the office … the parcel from Seagate was there waiting for me! Hahahaha! So that’s what the art of waiting is about? Nah.

The letter was an invitation to be part of the ‘The Art Of Waiting’ project. Read more about it in the website HERE.

I’ve filled up the info they require and will be sending the mail to them tonight. It’s really fun to be doing this in the age where almost everything is done through email/internet. The project is pretty simple. The project website says that ‘Twenty six artists will be receiving the details of my project proposal in their mailboxes in the coming days and weeks’. I ain’t no artist but I’m so glad to be invited to be part of this project. Yipeeee!!!

It just involves a lot of waiting (thus the title). What we have to do is take at least 1 photo (or even a roll) a month and keep the roll of film. It doesn’t get developed until 2011. Monthly, we will send them a snail mail with some words detailing our thoughts about that shot/roll we took. They can be stories, poetry or just some short notes. So this will go on until end of 2010 and then the rolls gets developed in 2011 and everything will be uploaded and presented in the project website.

Fun ain’t it? 😀 I’ll go prepare a box and place it in my fridge to store all the 12 rolls of film … to be fermented until 2011. As for choice of camera & film … I’m going for a Holga and 120 film. A 36 exposure 35mm will be too stressful to do … I think.

I’ll be away for about a week to Malaysia. Attending an old buddy’s wedding Kuala Lumpur and taking the opportunity to have some fun with my buddies there, getting drunk too often, getting fatter eating yummies as well as spending more fun times with Fitzand. Not very sure about photos because I’m still thinking if I should bring a camera (or two) there. Hahaha!


  1. the project sounds all so secretive..

  2. @shunzi : Hahahaha! Which is the part that is secretive? Don’t make it sound so scary ok? Hahahaha.

  3. have a nice trip brother 😀

  4. @Mijonju : Thanks. I’ll be setting off in an hour’s time. Cya soon.

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  6. I’m glad that you’re excited to participate! I can hardly wait to receive your letter 🙂

  7. wow i would like to join the waiting project! how should i do it?

  8. @dirklancer : Thanks for the invite. I’ve popped the letter in the mailbox 2 days ago. Hope it gets to you real soon.

    @Mijonju : Maybe you can get in touch with them. I’m not sure about the criterias etc but I’ve dropped you an email. Sorry I can’t check my mails too often this week because I’m in Malaysia and only be able to come online occassionally.

  9. no problem! enjoy. they told me to wait for it in my mailbox

  10. The project sounds interesting and secretive. Just imagine from now till 2011, all photos thoughts will be keep then 2011 will show all again and your memory starts to run .. why what how when i take the photos, write the comments etc .. nice … maybe i should also try in myself :> Have a great trip for Malaysia.

  11. haha!

    think harder and it’d just appear…….more cameras more cameras more cameras hahaha

  12. @Nglia : Thanks.

    @geraldtay : Hope so. Haha. May more cameras appear like magic at magical cheap prices. 😛

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