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It wasn’t long ago that I did this interview with Catherine who runs a photography website (in French) … mostly about those ‘dressed up’/customized Holga cameras I used to do. Looking back … it has been a long long while since I’ve worked on any new design for the Holga cams and I promise myself to find time to work on few more designs in 2010. It is not that I’ve no new ideas to do them … but it is always the lack of time in life. Hahaha. How I wish we have like another 12 hours in a day … of course that is an additional 12 hours AFTER office hours. 😛

Here is the link to the short interview as well as some very cool customized cams by others. Most of the Q&A are already translated … so I guess they won’t make any sense if you ain’t able to understand French (just like myself). To be honest, I felt a little crappy doing that interview. Those Holgas were done quite some time ago and I felt like I was basking in the glory of the past. Hahaha! I’ve gotta go get some fresh new ones up real soon.


  1. Wow, beasty TLR!

  2. @Joe : Oh yeah! I went WOW when I saw that too. Hahaha! Would be cool to have that at home!

  3. i would like to have that.

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