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Let me post this blog entry to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year … in case I can’t drag myself to the computer the next few days. Hahaha. It is not that I’ll be having big hangovers tomorrow and the days after … but I’ve got many stuffs to attend to and might not be able to find enough time to blog.


Since it is just days before the year 2010 comes knocking at our doors, perhaps I should also take this opportunity to thank all of you for the great support, friendship and of course all the help throughout the year. It has been a pretty wonderful year being able to have much fun with more cameras & film … and of course not forgetting the wonderful Olympus E-P1 that has somehow made me neglect my DSLR for a real long time. Oh … and not forgetting those wonderful talented and hardworking people I’ve collaborated with … both in photography and other stuffs I won’t mention here. Let’s drink to a better year ahead. Oops! I’m cutting down drinking!

I hope next year I’ll have more time to work on customizing more Holga cameras as well as experiment/try out more different stuffs with analogue cameras. As you might have read in some earlier posts, I’ll be participating in The Art Of Waiting project as well as doing a personal photo project … both at the same time. The results will all be available only a year later … in 2011. May the new year give me more inspirations to get these up successfully.

Fitzand will be turning 3 next month (in January). It is a strange feeling to suddenly realise that it has been 3 years since I’ve turned into a daddy! Hahaha! Can’t wait to take him on another vacation, maybe early next year. I’ve promised to join some friends on a trip for quite a while now but due to some stuffs I’m working on now … I had to postpone it to a later date.

The year 2010 will also see a new improved me. Hahaha! Yeah!! ME!!! There are some upgrades I’d like to do to myself (no … not growing hair or losing weight!) and change my life. Won’t be writing about all these maybe till later. Just give me some support (financially will be great! hahahaha! nah … joking) and we’ll see how it turns out.

Enough about myself.

How about sharing with us your dreams for 2010? More new cameras? A TLR version of the Digital Harinezumi? Cheaper film? More Diana F+ clones (argh!)?


  1. เนWish you and your family (and fanclub) good health and a prosperous new year ndroo.

    For me…..Digital Harinezumi v2 would do nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oops forgot to type the name above….Only me


  3. @Ta : The holidays must have got you too excited! Hahaha. Harinezumi 2? Let’s wish for Harinezumi 3. Nothing much extra I’d ask for except maybe a button to switch from color to b&w mode. Hahaha. Maybe some xpro mode like what they have in the Olympus EP2 will be cool too! A great new year to you and family too. Have fun!

  4. @Ta : Btw … I ain’t got no fanclub. Hahaha! Ain’t got no Singapore Idol here.

  5. my wishlist : instax100…… and my cosina cx2 workin again!

  6. @renaldy f: What happened to your CX2?

  7. Merry X’mas & have a smashing 2010!!!!

  8. @Jer : Thanks. A Merry X’mas to you and family too. 2010 will bring us lots of new fun and I’m sure your L lenses and FF DSLR will be here soon. Right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. broken from the first day i met him.:P
    the diafragma never closed again..

  10. @renaldy : Diafragma? You mean the shutter is stuck?

  11. Hi ndroo,
    I’ve forgotten how I chanced upon your blog. I still vividly recall the first few entries that I read on your blog about one and a half years ago and since then, there was no turning back. I love reading your blog posts, even on the days when you don’t write about photography, your entries such as see-food galore, or you rambling about your maid’s cooking, even reading about the process of trying to create your ‘a lensbaby photo a day project'(even though it failed) just seem to make my day.
    As this year comes to an end, I would like to thank you for doing what you do, and sharing bits and pieces of your life with us. Here, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. (:

  12. @Qiaozhi : Thanks. Glad to have you around too. Not sure about my non-photography related entries … I’m always thinking I’m just writing uninteresting nonsense. Hahaha! Originally I wanted this to be a photography blog but some friends told me I should make it more of a personal blog where I can also bitch about things in life. Hehehe! Looking forward to a brand new year and hope to see you guys around soon. Cheers!


  14. @cyanwater : Come Bishan park tonight and I’ll buy you more beer. Drag Jim along and tell him not to worry … I won’t buy him Tiger beer. Roar!

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