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My heart was beating fast when I read about this limited edition Ricoh GRDIII camera … for Stussy‘s 30th anniversary. Since Stussy has some pretty cool stuffs, I thought the limited edition cam is gonna be hell cool … but I was wrong. Dead wrong. Take a look at the camera and decide for yourselves …. hahaha ….

The mode dial looks like some blue plastic mineral water bottle cap!

I love the icons & the fonts at the back!

I love the font they used and also those cool icons that replaced the boring original ones … but … why the hell did they choose that blue for the design? It just looks way horrible in my opinion. What do you think? With the few parts in that horrible blue … it looks like some clumsy DIY camera pimping work gone wrong.

For more info (in Japanese), check it out [here]


  1. hahah i was about to post the same thing, anyway fun

  2. adoi
    i like the fonts
    kinda cool
    but the blue color totally spoiled

  3. @mijonju – hows your hong kong trip?

  4. @Mijonju : Still not back in full force after your trip? 😀

    @ichi : I agree!

  5. Wah, it looks damn half baked. Like the designer recalled the dateline the night before….

  6. isnt it just soo strange to have Stussy teaming up with Ricoh..?

    no worth the money i guess..

  7. Eeee… not cool.

  8. Hahahaha! Guess everything thinks this really sucks.

    @shunzi : Yeah. I’d think teaming up with Lomography might get better results. 😀

    @cyanwater : Get the original black one! Or are you waiting for new technology again? 😀

  9. Yucks….:S

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