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Just hours before the year 2010 come knocking at our doors and force itself into our lives. Hmm. Wait. That doesn’t sound very right. Let me rephrase it …

It is just hours before we welcome a brand new year … blah blah blah … Wait. That sounds too boring. Let me … nevermind.


Hahahaha! This will be my last post for the year 2009 and since I don’t wanna repeat what I wrote in my Christmas wishes entry … I’ll just wish everyone an incredible year and may the new year bring in lots of new temptations (aka new yummy drooling cameras!) and of course tons of great photos.

This new year, I’ll be putting myself through many changes and ‘upgrades’ and one of them is staying away from too much boozing. Thus here I am on New Year’s eve at home with my family … the same way I spent my Christmas eve. During the past million years … I’m usually pretty dead drunk by now with friends but as a ‘warm up’ exercise … I’ve succeeded in avoiding all invitations to parties and booze sessions. Thank you to those who buzzed me with invitations but glad you guys understood my reasons. 😀

Okay … so no booze but here’s a photo dedicated to everyone of you … errmmm … with booze in it. 😀 It was taken during my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur. 😛

As usual, I won’t be bombarding everyone with SMS greetings (so boring!) … so this photo serves as a greetings card to everyone of you. Thanks for the friendship and support.

Damn. That sounds a bit like some award ceremony thank you speech. Eeew!

I’ve got my camera ready for maybe some firework shots from my window and hopefully I’ll get a couple of decent shots if I don’t fall asleep. I’ve to wake up around 4:30am to go catch the first sunrise of the year. I’ve been doing that for a couple of years now and I definitely will not wanna miss this one. Just hope it doesn’t rain. Hahaha!

New Year resolutions? Nah. I’ve made some but keeping them under wraps for a while … hehehe … in case I screw up and make a fool outta myself. What? Did you say I don’t have to make a fool outta myself because I’m already one? Hmpt!

Okay … I’ll keep this entry short and again (and again???!!!) …

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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