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Since I can’t sleep and waiting to try shoot the New Year eve fireworks at midnight … I thought I’ll just add the (really) last entry for the year.

I love doing online shopping and happened to come across this local web store that specializes in toys (for kids … not the usual ‘toys’ (aka cameras) I buy for myself) called Lamkins. I contacted them not too long ago … looking for a Thomas & Friends character toy because I couldn’t find it in a couple of Toys R Us outlets as well as other shops. Well this particular toy train wasn’t available in their web store but amazingly they replied saying that they can bring it in for me … at a better price than what the shops are offering. Well you can see that most of their items are very well priced and if that’s not good enough to tempt you into ordering from them … read on …

After replying them, letting them know I’ll wait for that particular toy train to be imported … I got another SMS. This time, they told me that they found one of that train in their pile of stocks and offered to sell it to me at a very good price! I was really happy to hear that. I picked it up from them the same day. Actually I didn’t have to. They do provide delivery island wide … with no minimum purchase amount! Amazing! No extra charges … no minimum amount! Cool eh?

Anyway … that’s my first experience shopping with them.

A couple of weeks later, I contacted them again … wanting to buy some presents for Fitzand’s birthday (next week) and again … a couple more of that Thomas & Friends trains (man I gotta buy a bigger house to store his toys soon!) and also a set of soft toys … Barney, Baby Bop and BJ. Hahaha! Don’t ask me how I am so familiar with those names. They replied me saying that they do not carry Barney & gang stuffs but will be able to source for me. Okay, so I saved myself some time (and parking $) from having to go check out the malls for the purple dino and gang.

Next day … in came a MMS with a photo of the three soft toys from them! Awesome ain’t it? Such crazy good customer service! They delivered the three soft toys a while ago … and guess what … all three of them for the price of less than the price of two (if I didn’t get my maths wrong).

By now you probably wonder if I am somehow related to that web store or am I being paid to advertise for them. Right? Hahaha! Nah. I’ve just got to know them but I’m so satisfied with their service … that I just can’t resist telling the whole world (okay … maybe not the whole world) about them.

So if you’ve kiddos at home … or just thinking of buying some toys for your friends’ kiddos … why not save some trouble and money by checking their web store?

Check out their online store here at Lamkins.

Oh … by the way … if you are wondering why I titled this entry that way …

… ermmm … hahaha! I just can’t stand the customer service at Toys R Us (at least those here in Singapore). I got lots of blank stares when I ask the staffs there for the location of certain items. Not once … but many times! Duh! So it is Toys R Us but we don’t know much about toys. Huh?

*** Updates

I forgot to mention this …

They were late when delivering the toys this evening. Why? They waited for 2 hours (!!!!!!!) for a lady to finish her dinner and get back home … just to deliver her order! That’s really crazy amazing … ain’t it? Superb customer service but unfortunately they met some super mega horrible customer. Hahaha! I wouldn’t even wait an hour for such people … yet they waited 2 hours (or more)! *bow*


  1. hey, thanks for the recommendation! I agree with you that the service at TRS is…………………

  2. Happy New year bro!

  3. @nelly : U r most welcome.

    @Mijonju : Same to you man. Cheers!

  4. wow…thx for the recommendation! 😀

  5. @norza : No worries. I hope you find their service good too.

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