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After some initial test with my DSLR, I decided to try out the Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic (SFO) on my cheap old film SLR. I know that the Lensbaby lenses can work very well on that SLR but I was a little worried about the metering when using the SFO. This is because of the many weird ‘holes’ (ie. apertures) on the aperture disc. I found my SLR already loaded with a roll of Reala 100 film and had a few shots already taken … and took me a while to remember that those few shots in there were also test shots on the Lensbaby. Those 3 shots were taken using a modified plastic optic on the Composer. If you had read some of my earlier posts, I did replace the original lens on the plastic optic with a Diana lens … but then later I planted a Gakkenflex lens on it instead. So those 3 shots were test shots using the Gakkenflex lens (married to the Lensbaby Composer) on my SLR.

The dreamy feel it produces is really cool!

Hmm. Maybe I should have added a thin border for those 2 photos above. The white wall seems to have almost vanished with my white background.

The SFO test shots were done in a hurry at Dempsey Rd because the sky wasn’t looking very ‘helpful’ that day. One moment it was bright and the next it looked like it was about to rain. I ended up with many random test shots before heading to a micro brewery nearby for 2 pints of Monster Green beer. What’s Monster Green? Check out Red Dot Brewhouse link here for more info. Wonder why only 2 pints? That’s part of my new year resolution to cut down (lots) on booze. 😀 I made it!

As you can see … I did the test on various subjects with various focal length. I think the focusing with the SFO ain’t as difficult as I thought it would be. However, with some bending (that’s what Lensbabies are about!) the sweet spot (sharp(er) area) gets a little more challenging to see (with my fuzzy eyeballs). Still it is very fun to play with!

Like I mentioned in the previous entry (test shots with the SFO during sunrise), white glaring spots will result in some cool ‘flower’ shaped effects … all thanks to the weird aperture ‘holes’.

Not sure why this one turned out this way (overexposed?) but I it seems to be my favourite from the roll. LOL!

These below are the 3 test shots (done a couple of weeks back) using the Gakkenflex lens planted on the Composer …

Pretty neat eh? I think I’ll be using the Gakkenflex lens on the Composer more often.

I also did a few test shots with the Lensbaby Fisheye optic on digital to test how well my old eyes can do manual focus. 😀


  1. GakkenFlex lens is fantastic, Andrew. I found that as well on my 5d ( )

    LB fisheye looks cool too!

  2. @Ta : Cool. The Gakkenflex one is cool! Yeah the LB FE seems pretty fun too.

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