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Some of you might have heard of Crystal Roc or seen some of those bling bling headphones and cool gadgets from them. Not long ago, I realised that they’ve done the same to the Olympus E-P1 camera!

Crystal Roc ‘dressed up’ the E-P1 with tons of tiny Swarovski crystals and soon the camera is worth at whopping £2,000 !!! The normal price for an E-P1 is about £600 (or less) only! Madness! Well for those with the extra bucks to burn on blings … I think they don’t mind. It comes in some limited edition wooden box etc to give it that extra classy look.

Ermm … would you like your camera to look like this?

Wonder why they didn’t use the white version instead. Hmmm. I do think it will look more classy in white.

So what happens if the camera runs into some problem and needs to be sent back to the Olympus service center? Hahaha! Send it back to Crystal Roc to strip off the blings first?

Maybe I could go find some el-cheapo ‘crystals’ and dress mine up … package it and try sell it for the same price. Muwahahaha!!!!

For now, I’ll stick to my own version with el-cheapo gold stickers …


  1. oooo

  2. @ymmij : There are more oooooooooooo on the camera. Hahaha. Buying one for Noreen? 😀

    Btw … I wonder why they didn’t use the pancake 17mm lens in those photos. The zoom lens makes the cam look pretty ugly in the photos.

  3. hmmm.. the zoom lens makes it look more SLR-ish? Anyway, a pack of swarovski crystals of that amount probably cost not more than 40sgd..

  4. @irorus : But it ain’t suppose to be any DSLR-ish at all! Hahaha! Anyway, I was talking to Cin and we both agreed that this bling bling design is so ‘irorus’. Hehehe. Yours also bling bling right? 😀 Go sell for big $!

  5. OH dear, i think we should put some Gems on outs hahah.
    im always fine with the interview brother, sorry the shop is just making my head expolde… twice

  6. I kinda like the bling bling…. 😀

  7. @Mijonju : You can try bling bling your E-P2. 😀 Will keep you updated on the interview. 😉

    @Jer : I assume you’re gonna order one of these. Right?

  8. i go for el cheapo gold sticker version!

  9. @nelly : Good choice. Hehehe.

  10. Hahahahah… I’ve grown out of the “bling bling” phase liao.. Now it’s the “psst psst” phase.. Spray-painting!!

  11. @irorus : So you’re gonna be the next Killer Gerbil (lutfi) ah? Can also part time go spray O$P$ and make some extra bucks. 😀

  12. LOL!!

  13. LOL…….. to bling for me……

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