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I’ve often heard people saying that big black cameras makes one look more ‘professional’. Hahaha! I always find that funny but then I’m sure it does make a professional look more serious in his/her work. Wannabes love lugging around big black cameras too! Thank God there are camera manufacturers who thinks that white cameras are cool and we’ve seen some cameras out there … clad sexily in white.

I recently came across this special white edition of the tiny Minox digital camera. Personally I think it will look cooler if the top part is also in white.

Specifications wise, it seems that this white version is exactly the same as the previous (original?) silver & black one.

Let’s take a look at some other cameras what come in white …

The super cool Leica M8 in sexy white! No … I don’t own one. 🙁

Digital Harinezumi also had a makeover and special editions come in white.

Of course my favourite white Olympus E-P1!

The Edelweiss Diana F+ is in white too! For those who do not know, there was an earlier version that’s in white … the Rudolf limited edition for some Christmas some years back. That was probably the first of the Lomography’s Diana clone series I bought.

A pretty rare old white Coke 110 camera that I picked up long ago

I’ve seen an old Minolta SLR that’s all dressed up in white as well as the recent Pentax colorful DSLR which has a white version too. Looks like white is here to stay?

I’m sure there are many other cameras like those digital compacts out there that are white in color. Even Holga has an all white edition.

Do you like your cameras in white? 😀 I love white cameras but I hate the attention it gets.


  1. You should buy yourself the Leica M9 when it comes out.

  2. @tylercorc : Buy the M9???!!! I can’t afford one! 🙁

  3. White looks nice.. but i’ve got dirty hands.. My gakkenflex now look dirty at the sides becos I sprayed it white. :/

  4. @irorus : Hahaha! Wash your hands or wear gloves! *slap*

  5. Hahah, neither can I! Plus I don’t think I could ever justify spending that kind of money on a camera. I would have to sell a kidney or something on the black market. I guess we can all have dreams though!

  6. @tylercorc : Some day our kidneys might meet each other on eBay. 😀

  7. next to red it has to be white – the 2nd sexiest color on a camera

  8. @sexyinred : I agree with you! Haha! I love red lots too. Only problem is I don’t look sexyinred 🙁

  9. I’ve always preferred either white or at least another color than black. I think it started for me when Apple went white with their computers. I was disappointed when the iMacs went back to this brushed metal look. I want white plastic again!

  10. oh… i think my ccs just got worst…

  11. @Laura : Hey it’s been a long time. I started on Mac a little late and I also wish they come in white too. 🙁 Plastic rulez! Did you get my email about the interview?

    @Mijonju : Congrats 😀

  12. I love white but I think black is more classic(not so much on the “professional”).

  13. @cyanwater : Classic auntie! 😛 Then why did you not buy the E-P2? Thought you said you wanted one in white? 😛 😛 😛

  14. EP2 is not full black like the ricoh GRD lor. And I like EP1 cos the white goes well with the beige leather. Very retro. BTW, I picked the black iphone over the white. 😛

  15. i love that olympus!!

  16. Could anyone be so kind to tell me how much would a
    Leica M8 and Edelweiss Diana F cost ?

  17. @clearwater : The Edelweiss should cost about US$70. I have no clue how much the M8 costs … because I can’t afford it anyway. 😀

  18. @ndroo thanks for replying btw I think I found the price of it (the M8) it’s about 28,900 euros …

  19. @clearwater : The … price … is … :O

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