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This just in …

Great news for those Fisheye lovers out there. Saw the newly launched pink Fisheye2 camera? Want one? Now you can win one.

Love makes the world go round! We are fishing for the best fisheye couple self-portraits. Snuggle in a circle and show us love is never square this Valentine’s Day! The new Lomography Fisheye No.2 Pink Edition and other fishy treasures proudly sponsored by lomography await you in the deepest ocean! Hook on to for more details!

So boys and girls … go feed your fishy and get your entries in by end of February (this year of course!). Good luck!


  1. can japanese contestants join??

  2. @Mijonju : I think you can but you’ve gotta gimme the pinky fishie if you win. Okay? You’ve had enough cameras! 😛 Maybe if you can pose with your new video model (cute!) … you might win … but I’ll tell your wife! 😛

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