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Photoshop has always been something I try not to spend much of my time on … until lately when Fitzand started to experience the fun of typing on my computer. I’ve been spending time sitting with him in front of my computer … letting him type his name in Photoshop. Hahaha!

He will type slowly with his little fingers (although speed has caught up lately) and go … ‘F … I … T … Z … A … N … D … ‘ followed by ‘space~’ and ‘K … U …A’. Then he starts clapping his hands before instructing me to change the font colors. He also learned how to use the ‘Delete’ (backspace) button on the keyboard to erase incorrect entered letters. I’m worried I’ll soon need to buy another computer if he starts to learn more.

Below is a screenshot of what the final result is. This is just one sample. He will wanna type again and again … and I’ll have to keep helping him change the font colors accordingly. He’ll go ‘Now … blue!’, ‘Now … red!’, ‘How about yellow?’ etc. This will usually go on for about 15 minutes and by then my eyes will go all fuzzy from seeing the same text repeated again and again. Not complaining though. I’m loving every moment.

Maybe I should start letting him mess with the mouse and learn how to change the colors and font sizes by himself eh?


  1. ya, he will learn it faster then us, a kids brain is amazing!

  2. Get another imac

  3. @Mijonju : Yeah kids nowdays learn much more and faster. It’s amazing seeing them grow. When is yours arriving? 😉

    @Ta : You are making me lose (more) hair!

  4. awww~~ he’s so colorful!!! *hearts*

  5. @irorus : Yeah he loves colorful things … like M&Ms. LOL!

  6. next Steve Jobs in the marking. ahahhh

  7. @shunzi : I sure hope he’ll do good in future … so that I can rest in peace and enjoy my cams. 😀

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