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The last day of the long Chinese New Year break and I didn’t want it to go to waste sitting behind my computer. Had lots of fun playing with Fitzand and brought him to watch a lion dance performance … this time we got real close and he was banging away with his little cymbals along with those guys from the troupe. Hahaha! I had to cover his ears while he sat on my lap (I was squatting there for at least 30 mins!). Now I’m partly deaf.

He refused to take his nap today and so we dropped by ThirtySix to join the friends there for ‘yee sang’. For those who haven’t got a clue what this messy dish is all about, you can check out Wiki for more details [here]. Basically, to me … it is a very nice looking colorful salad thingie that is later made a big mess by those about to eat it. I always find it a waste to make a mess outta it. Hahaha! Well I don’t eat raw fish, so the crispy thingie are my favourite. I didn’t really eat it just now but Fitzand enjoyed it.

Standing there watching them ‘prepare’ and eat the ‘yee sang’, I took some snapshots …

Probably the cutest Buchineko/Harinezumi ever!

It was this pretty before …

… and the mess begins!

Cam whoring! Noreen worried that her titties might drop in the dish. 😛

My E-P1 has a special feature called ‘SFD’ (Scary Face Detection). It will automatically throw the focus off if it detects anything scary. 😀 😛 She’s gonna kill me!

I also always find it funny that when they are pouring those condiments etc into the dish, they have to mumble stuffs like ermm … (sorry I ain’t really understand much of ’em in Chinese) but they are like ‘wish us fortune’ and stuffs. They do that even when they are messing with the food. LOL! OMG! Anyway … just now they did mention ‘wish ThirtySix make more money!’. Hmm. Wait! That means indirectly I’ll be poorer then! Hmpt!!! LOL! Nah. Just joking. Wish them all the best in this new year and may they give me lots of discount too!


  1. yumm!

  2. NICE!
    The atmosphere at Thirtysix must be nice.. i meant the little celebration. :}

  3. Yeah. Too bad I was in a rush and forgot to bring some booze along. 😀

  4. AWW, it’ll be so much better if they’re there huh? HAHH!
    Beers Beers.. :}

  5. i’m totally agree with the cutest buchineko… but not the titties dropping thingy thou~~~
    (u got my reason MR.P) hehehehehehe ~~~~ private joke

  6. @Bone : Yeah. No beer, no life 😛

    @noreen : Stop it! You are turning me into Mr P! Damn. LOL!

  7. I think the ‘scary face detection’ feature is not working! Jim said cute wor! ltdltdltd

  8. @cyanwater : Who will dare say that his mistress ain’t cute? 😀 Oh wait. I think he’s dead meat. If it ain’t working on you, then must be Noreen!!! Jim is chopped liver!

  9. wtf…

  10. MR P!!!!!!! watch wat u say…. ngek ngek ngek… LOL

  11. @noreen : MS P!!!!! You and your dirty mind! 😛 Ngek ngek ngek!

  12. oh great! who selling their LC-A to get the ‘+’ just for the instant back? SELL TO ME!! 😀

  13. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Have a good year, all!

  14. @Ta : A great year to you too. May more cameras come your way. Hahaha!

  15. @shunzi : There may be some dumping the old version soon when the instant back is out. 😀 Buy!

  16. Thanks Andrew
    Re more cameras….Yeah yeah…Got a GRD a less than 2 week ago from eBay (love it) then on Sunday night I saw a red dot d-lux2 with no one bidding until one person did at half an hour to go at the starting price…
    I did a lot of thinking as I never even thought about getting one of them…but then at this price (or may be a bit more) I could have one in my hand and see what the fuss is all about….
    Then 50 seconds to go…I did put my bid….refreshed the status screen…..28 seconds to go…counting down…heart thumping…Yep I won! I got it at £155 + £9.99P&P…I have it delivered to my work just now opening it. Wow! Don’t think the CCS will be cured….at this rate!
    CAn’t wait to try on the 16:9 ratio.

  17. @Ta : Congrats! Hahaha!

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