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iPhone Camera Upgrade

By • Feb 22nd, 2010 • Category: Others

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For those who own the iPhone and ever wished that the camera can be better … now there is a solution. You can now mount your DSLR lenses on the iPhone. Cool ain’t it? Imagine having a cool white Canon L lens on your iPhone! Here are some photos of how the setup looks like …

Madness ain’t it? 😀 He calls it the ‘Phone-O-Scope’.

For more info about this ‘invention’ … check out [this link].

Don’t ask me if I’ll be trying this. I do not own an iPhone. 😛


  1. This is nuts!

  2. @cyanwater : Can I borrow your phone to try this? 😀

  3. will someone create a downloadable app for the lens to auto-focus? lol

  4. @shunzi : Very good idea. Then the app can be sold by the kind of mount your lens comes with. Hmm. Good idea! LOL

  5. Can you borrow your lens to try this?

  6. @cyanwater : I thought you have some awesome L lenses? I don’t even have one! Hahaha! Can I have the phone now? 😛

  7. … does the stablizer work??

  8. @Mijonju : LOL! You go try it and let us know. 😛

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