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Erik sent me this info about a new Holga camera called the Holga 135TIM. One look and I started to smile. Here’s a photo of it …

Hello Spongebob!

According to infomation found online, this is a half frame camera and as you can see from the front (makes me smile everytime I look at it), the two eyes seem to be the lenses. From the looks, it probably allows you to open either ‘eye’ to expose half a frame each time, and maybe opening both of them will give you a full frame photo. Not sure if the full frame photo will have a ‘divider’ right in the middle though. The smiling ‘mouth’ works as the aperture selector. Cute!

As expected … it comes in a few colors … white, yellow, red and black.

The matching funny looking flash adds to this already funny and cute looking camera.

Do I want one? Hmm. I’ll look like some silly old man with this but I’ll definitely get one for Fitzand to play with. The half frame will be able to let him be trigger happy big time.


  1. i’ll go for the cutesy factor. the xmm will love me more..

  2. @shunzi : For real? Then I’ll go for it t0o … just for the XMMs! LOL!

  3. oo.. looks cute! i tot it was spongebob when i first saw it!

  4. Gosh. ._. I have too many cameras but this is so adorable. *.* Any news of what’s the retail price?

  5. @wynth : Sorry I’ve no idea about the pricing yet.

  6. Note to self:
    I will get this.
    And shoot in Orchard Road.
    XMM will come to me like bees to honey.
    Get them hooked and organise camwhoring outings with them.
    Life is good.
    Alright can someone now poke my thought bubble? 😛

  7. @Zig Ziggler : So what happens after the camwhoring? 😉 Oops! :X We will leave your thought bubble intact. Buy a few of these and give them to the XMMs when they come to you.

  8. I wonder why i didnt see this when i was in their factory.. damn those guys!

  9. @Mijonju : Hahahaha! They were worried you’ll buy them all and start to sell them at Lomography kind of prices. 😛 Nah. Actually these were made in some backlanes … away from the eyes of people like you.

  10. awww..

  11. @Mijonju : But seriously … it’s strange you didn’t see this at the factory. Hmm.

  12. it looks abit like Sponge BOX hahaha!!

  13. finally Holga people have some sense to do something interesting rather than playing with the plain old models and colors.

  14. this is really cute!!!!! but it seems like the flash is blocking the trigger button….. or its because of the front view.

  15. Hmm.. I wonder what TIM stands for..

  16. @Wie : I’m wondering too. Hahaha.

  17. TIM=Twin Image Maker!

  18. @cyanwater : Oh thanks for the info. Hmm. Twin Image Maker? Hmm. TIM? Kinda boring name. 😀

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