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Spent the last 1 hour digging out some photos to be re-uploaded to my blog gallery. I recently noticed a couple of them got screwed up after I uploaded files of the duplicate name into them. Strange enough the gallery was smart enough to rename the new file with an extension (eg. 1_0.jpg) but the other (original file that’s called 1.jpg) ended up identical with the new one. Duh! So far I’ve only managed to find out 2 cases and got them rectified. Do drop me a note if you find anything weird. Okay?

Anyway, while digging into my backup hard disk, I found a folder called ‘Perfume’. Hmm. I was curious about the content and I was pretty surprised to find a few photos I took back in 2006 were in there. Cool! Hahaha! They were some submissions for an Issey Miyaki perfume photo competition. I got shortlisted into the final rounds with some photo that I can’t recall (getting old sucks!) and the below 3 photos were the photos I did for the final submission. I remember only 2 were submitted but again … I can’t remember which two. Hahaha! Just sharing with everyone here … some ‘historical’ images … taken back in those days where I was a little bit hardworking and a lot more serious. 😛

We were supposed to work with the shape of the bottle (see 3rd pic), but I decided to use the cap for two of these …

This was the toughest one to prepare. I remember spending lots of time trying to get this right. Fat fingers ain’t suppose to be working with little petals and such!

The most fun one! Hahaha! I am starting to wonder where did all my patience go. I can’t imagine sitting down to do something like this now. Man … getting old sucks! LOL!

This last one is the one which I think wasn’t submitted. I used a green card and cut a triangle to fit the bottle of perfume on it. It was hell hard to get the card to stay in position … note the part near the cap? 😛

Okay … enough of history lessons for the night. I’ll go dig into my hard disk some other day and see if I have any other interesting (or are they not?!!) photos to share. Oh … the bottle of perfume in the photo was given to me after I got shortlisted into the final round. My wife doesn’t like it and I remember her giving it to some friend. Hmm … or did I gave it to some girlfriend? :X Ooops!


  1. Oh and I forgot to mention that the ‘theme’ was something related to springtime. Oh well … I didn’t win anything in the end. LOL.

  2. not that bad, 😀 what are the eggs for?

  3. if i dunno u i will surely think your work is design related…. really like the first photo…!!! and why dun like this perfume.. its one of my all time favourite….

  4. @Mijonju : As usual … these were done in the last minute and I remember being quite stressed up a couple of days before the deadline. 😀

    @noreen : Well … wifey said that she has a couple of others already and this might take a long time before it can be used … so she gave it to someone instead.

  5. very creative ndroo! 🙂 i luv art crafts too now lazy also haha

  6. @Lawry : Thanks. Guess after touching the plastic cams … all the ‘hardworking-ness’ are gone for good. 😀

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