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After the recent cool ‘gold metal’ skin by Gariz for the Olympus E-P1, along comes a super cute and colorful one that I find very very interesting. A little too cute for an old man like me and if I ever get my E-P1 dressed up like this … it will definitely end up in Fitzand’s hands for good.

The same company also has a big time poison which I am very afraid of. It is a tilt-shift adapter for the E-P1/E-P2. The website is in Japanese but I think you can just mount any of your m4/3 lens on it and turn it into some kind of tilt-shift lens for that cool ‘toy model’ effect. The sample photos makes me drool …

I sure hope it doesn’t cost a bomb! With this … I will no longer wonder why Olympus doesn’t give us a new firmware to add that diorama effect into our E-P1. 😀

Temptations … temptations!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information temptations … check out this link.


Anyone wants to buy the E-P1/2 skin? … Here’s a link to a store (in English) … check it out here.


  1. For those interested to get this cool sticker, there is good news. I know of a store that you can buy from (in English) and will post a link to it shortly. 😀


    From what I heard … the yummy tilt shift adapter costs about US$400!!! OMG! I can forget about it now. 🙁

  3. OMG! time for new skin on my ep!

  4. I love the cutie skin! How come there is no nice skin for DSLR…. :S

    Is US$400 expensive for the adapter? Coz I think buying a tilt shift lens for the DSLR/SLR will cost so much more……

  5. @Jer : Maybe because DSLR users always want that ‘pro’ look. Big black machine! Hahaha! I find the 400 bucks a little steep for the adapter. It is just a chunk of metal and has no glass nor contact. Not sure. Hahaha. I’m tempted but the price is ….

  6. @irorus : Yeah … time to re-skin it!

  7. YEAH!! i love the duck one alot! but i guess i should be fare and post the night adventure one aswell

  8. Drink less….maybe stop drinking for 40 mugs and you should be able to buy the adapter ?

  9. @Mijonju : Yeah I think I left out that one. Hahaha! Will update with some images of that version later.

    @Jer : Not sure. Hahaha!

  10. any skinnns for GF1? 😛

  11. @shunzi : I saw some skins for GF1 but they ain’t as cute as these. I think they are those leather-like texture and some ‘carbon fibre’ look ones.

  12. so colorful

  13. […] adapter to use on my Olympus E-P1/E-PL1 went crashing out of the window when I found out that a Japanese company/shop was coming out with one that costs about US$400. That’s a lot of money for an adapter and I gave up all hopes … until recently … […]

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