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It is past midnight now and I’ve clocked like 39 years on this earth. Yeah … I’ve just celebrated my 39th birthday on earth yesterday. What I planned to be just simple dinner with my family turned out to be a little bit more special with my buddies turning up at a nearby restaurant/bar with dinner and some booze. What really made my birthday super special was something I received from Noreen … a good friend who is really great at her craft and arts stuffs. OMG! I just made my way back from the booze session but I just have to post this (after ripping apart the little present the gave me) before I take a shower (and fall asleep). OMG! This has to be one of the coolest shit (pardon my language) I’ve received my whole life!

It is this little ‘case’ for my Digital Harinezumi. I took a few photos of it (after lots of beer) …

Damn cool isn’t it? OMG! I just can’t stop saying ‘OMG!’. LOL! She showed me some soft pouches she made recently for the Harinezumi camera and I told her I would love a coffin shaped one. Oh well … I was just joking when I said that. I didn’t expect her to make one for me. Today when I met her for dinner (of course with my buddies from ThirtySix and family), she told me that she slept til 1:30pm because she went to bed at 6am. Not wanting to ask what on earth she was doing til 6am (you never know what young folks are up to), I didn’t really probe further. However after opening my birthday present from her … I was almost moved to tears. Really. No joke. OMG! (I’m repeating ‘OMG’ again!) … this is truly awesome!

Come to think of it … she did asked me this evening (on MSN Messenger) about my religion and asked if I am superstitious. Hmm. It did puzzled me for a while but now that I’ve seen what she made for me … I know why she asked that question. Some people are just against such idea of gettting a ‘coffin’ for a present … let alone a birthday present. LOL! OMG! For me … I super duper absolutely love it! I’m lost for words. Really.

Thank you, Noreen. Thank you very very very very much!!!!

I think my wife told Fitzand that it was my birthday because she said he was singing ‘Happy Birthday!’ outside the childcare center. Hahaha! She bought me a green Levi’s tee with some graphics on it … and on it … there are some stuffs like a skull (!!! OMG!!!), guitar and stuffs. What’s going on? Hahahahaha!!! OMG! Coffin camera case … tee with skulls and stuffs? OMG! My parents will be screaming if they know about these!!!!


  1. lol! nice coffin case. 😛 now go sleep!

  2. R.I.P harinezumi….

  3. @ymmij : Hey!!! Don’t you try R.I.P my Zumi okay? I know you want me to buy the latest Zumi from you!!! Arggh!!!!

  4. havent R.I.P? then where ur vids?

  5. now u know how hard is it to cock out some story when u ask me
    “why u about some religion and stuff ?”…. LOL

  6. @noreen : Hahahaha! Yeah finally I understand why you asked me those questions. LOL! OMG! Normally people who ask me such question will get some shit from me. You were lucky. LOL! Thanks a lot!!! OMG! It is super duper cool! You can make a living outta making coffins ya know?!

  7. @ymmij : I have made quite some Zumi vids. Are you drunk? 😛

  8. NO way to make coffin for a living…. hahahahah!!!!! and those coffin are special only 1 in the whole wide world!!!! money cant buy!!!! and u both drunk….. look at the pic u took tmr when u are sober…. LOL

  9. waaat LOL a coffin for the little harinezumi.

  10. 17march is my wife’s birthday too!!! amazing! LOL this is fate.. anyway, i heard that in chinese Coffin means something good.


  12. @noreen : i m very sober. What’s wrong with these photos? OMG did u c something i didn’t?????

  13. @mijonju : Wish your wife a Happy Birthday too. Ain’t sure what a coffin means to the Chinese (tho i m one) but me think it is way cool!

  14. @irorus : it sure is!!!!!

  15. cause the pic not up to your normal standard of photography… LOL

  16. Happy Birthday Andrew…I wish I had a friend like Noreen!

  17. @noreen : LOL! What do you expect after so much booze? Able to take these shots, copy them out, resize them in Photoshop and then create this blog entry … is already a big task in such a dizzy state. I’ll definitely go take nicer (I hope) photos of this super cool case. Thanks again. I’ll make sure I ask you for another coffin come Xmas. This time … how about a big one for my E-P1 or DSLR? 😀 Oh … I’ll also make sure you make one for me when I die.

    @Ta : Thanks. Now Noreen will have lots of friends adding her in Facebook … asking for coffins. LOL!

  18. Coffin in chinese = guang cai.
    Giving coffin if u are not superstitious actually wishing the person to get promoted and more fortune
    => sheng GUANG fa CAI

    if you understand chinese lah!! … LOL!!!

    Anyway awesome case ….. make more and sell leh ….

    And finally


  19. @Nglia : Thanks. Thanks for the explaination too. Cool. Promoted? That will just get me in deeper shit with no big money. I’ll pass. Fortune? That’s way cool! Time to buy lottery this weekend. 😀

  20. today toto. dun need wait weekend.

  21. @ymmij : Oh yeah! Okay!

  22. that is such an awesome case! Happy Birthday! 😀

    Maybe Thirty-Six should start stocking up on customised cases to sell? 😛

  23. @wyth : Thanks. Yeah that’s what I told Noreen too. I’m sure we don’t mind paying for such nice work. Maybe I should rent the shop next door and get stocks from her eh? ‘BE COFFINATED’. How about that for the shop name? LOL!

  24. sorry i forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  25. @Mijonju : Thanks 😀 Now where is the DP2s as my present? 😛

  26. Hahahahaaa…… This case is better than some painting with a poem!!! hahahahhahahaaaa

  27. @cyanwater : OMG! You have to remind us of that again. LOL! OMG! Maybe I should go dig Jim’s blog and steal the photos to blog about it … to refresh our minds. LOL! Muwahahaha! So did DC send you the link you were looking for last night? 😛

  28. @ cyan
    THE painting and poem is the best for me… hahahahahha

    @wyth & ndroo
    btw i seriously cant make these for sell… it consume too much time to make one!!!

    and thanks to mijonju …. cause he just explain to me the symbol on the craft paper i used….on the coffin
    its a Japanese Family Crest kamon with name symbols = symbol of lighting

  29. @noreen : Cool! The craft paper design makes it very oriental. Coolness!

  30. Happy belated birthday Ndroo! 🙂

  31. @lawry : Thank you

  32. Happy belated birthday!
    What a damn cool gift! I will be touched to tears if I am the birthday boy!
    Can noreen make one for me too? And sell it in 36 or 8storey! 😀

  33. Happy belated birthday, ndroo! Glad you had a good one! 😉

  34. @Zig : Thanks. I’m sure Noreen is getting more inspired to make more coffins now. 😀

    @Trish : Thanks a lot 🙂

  35. i got new thing to explore already coffin is a history now…. hahahhah

  36. @noreen : After the ‘online course’, I’ll try take over the duty of producing coffins someday. 😀

  37. @ndroo : gambateh!!!!!!

  38. Happy birthday ndroo (:

    Always a pleasure reading your blog!

  39. @Rachel : Thanks. A pleasure to have u around.

  40. happy belated birthday
    such cute present

  41. happy belated birthday ndroo!

    more years of plastic for you. 🙂

  42. @May : Thanks

    @wilson.k : Thanks. Plastic forever!

  43. […] the hands of the very talented friend, Noreen (aka Miun) … the artist who made me my coffin *cough* … here comes a very interesting exhibition that I thought many of you might be […]

  44. lol!!!! she’s really good! 😀 this coffin is awesome ! hahahaaaa

  45. @evaeva : She definitely is! I’ll bug her for a bigger coffin next year. LOL!

  46. no more coffin!!!!

  47. @noreen : No more? Gosh. I am gonna sell this one and only piece for maybe half a million bucks! Hahaha! But you should consider making tons of cool coffins and then have a cool coffin exhibition.

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