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It was in 2007, during a trip to Japan … that on a cold (very cold!) night … I walked into a shop and bought the Minox DCC5.0. That was after struggling for a while with myself … trying to decide if I should buy one. Eventually the dark side won and soon the little cutie was in my hands.

It is the year 2010 now and I think I have used the camera … for maybe less than 10 times! Nothing too big deal about that until this came along … a new sexy mini Minox DCC! Oh no!!!

This version comes with an attachable viewfinder which adds lots to its ‘classic’ look.

You’ll find an 2″ LCD at the back … an ‘upgrade’ from the 1.5″ one in the previous version.

The accessories are also mega ultra cool! The flash! OMG! From what I saw, the darn flash will cost a couple of hundred bucks more! There is a tele & wide converter, a darn cool lens cap (sold separately!) as accessories which I’m sure will be pretty costly too.

This new version is a beauty!

Gosh! I hate temptations! I hate temptations! I’d love to own this one but it is like incomplete without the flash. But buying it with the flash is too costly. Damn. I’ll try to forget about this … soon … soon.

More info about this cutie can be found in the Minox website.


  1. was wondering if the rangefinder windows got any use.. hahha

  2. Andrew, STOP IT!!!!


  3. By the way what happened to the E-Px skins….the Hello Kitty or whatZit one?

  4. I think i just got eye orgasm..

  5. @nic : Those are just ‘for display’. 😀 Only the viewfinder attached can act as ermmm … a viewfinder 😛

    @Ta : Ooops! What did I do? 😛 What Hello Kitty skins for the E-P1/2 are you referring to?

    @Mijonju : Ouch! Did it hurt or were you enjoying it? 😀 Man … this one is so sexy. Damn.

  6. The Flash and the Viewfinder are just devilish.
    Nobody can resist it.

  7. @Bone : You just pressed the trigger … KABOOOOM!!!! We are all gonna die! LOL!

  8. Andrew, Yeah that’s the one. It was there one day…gone the next! 😉

  9. @Ta : Now I’m very confused. Which one? :O

  10. Andrew, the one with cartoon stuff skins for Digital Pens.
    I thought I saw if from your blog…may be I am confused…confusing myself…
    Yikes…my age is catching me up…….

  11. @Ta : You mean this ( Hahaha! Ain’t no Hello Kitty in there. 😛

  12. Oh yeah that’s the one.
    Thank you Andrew.
    I saw it quickly before I left home for work then I couldn’t find it again….Hee!

  13. No gold edition?

  14. @Ta : LOL! No wonder u got me all confused.

    @cyanwater : I m sure a gold one will come along soon. So u getting this one? Btw why were u offline? Jim said u had a hangover. Really?

  15. woo.. imagine this in gold with red leather =)) will look like mijonju’s TLR =D

  16. @nic : Hahaha! Looks like another person is poisoned by Mijonju’s bling bling cool TLR!

  17. arghhhhhhhhhh mooooooooooooo.. the flash! so…..
    devils pithole!!!

  18. damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so awesome with that damn flash!

  19. @wilson.k : Yeah … the flash! The flash!

    @sumlom : Yeah … damn it. LOL!

  20. I was on SQ flight that day, 12th and 19th march when i saw this on their krisshop magazine. so tempted to get it… was $488. with flash bundle is $798. its DCC 5.1 if im not wrong. so tempted to get it. flipped the magazine several times to fight off the urge. i didnt get it eventually, cos another watch on the list caught my attention and decided to get that instead.

  21. @hogsforce : I know how you feel. Hahaha! I remember staring (again and again) at the catalogue some years ago when it was the older version. Managed to resist … but not for long. Tragedy to the wallet happened later when I was in a shop in Japan. 🙁 Next time should just try gulp down a bottle of wine and sleep all the way when we board the plane. 😀

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