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After seeing how more people are putting some effort to ‘dress up’ their cameras, I decided to start a page in Facebook to house images of the many wonderful, cool, crazy, weird, funky, cute or sometimes bizarre looking cameras … for everyone to enjoy. Was pretty surprised to find that the number of fans hit over a hundred overnight! Photos are coming in real fast too and I do hope these photos can inspire more people to start dressing up their cameras.

After all … naked cameras suck!

As I’m typing this, the latest photos submitted are of a candy colored Gakkenflex done by the very talented Noreen. She did share with me about how much effort (and paint inhaled) she put into getting the cute plastic camera ‘dressed up’. Also there is this yucky, muddy and looks like plastered with algae camera done by Renaldy. Just go check out the page to find out more.

Check out the ‘Naked Cameras Suck‘ page and become a fan today! Oh … don’t forget to upload images of your cool ‘dressed up’ cameras or share tips and discussions with everyone.

Have fun!


  1. wootsssss!!!!! naked camera suck rock!!!!!

  2. @noreen : Your candy Gakkenflex rocks too!!!

  3. So Kewl!

  4. i shouldnt throw all my 80’s style type stickers away.. 🙁

  5. @shunzi : I’m sure there are other stickers you can use. Quick get yours done and share the results. 🙂 How about sticking some dollar notes on it? 😀

  6. heal the world…

  7. @ndroo – good idea…. had lots of bird series note, ok so how i can make it waterproof ahahaha

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