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It was only last month that wifey told me that she’s got the contractor to come fix up a new cabinet to replace the ‘display wall’ I had in my study room. I used to like the display wall but I’ve got lazy and those photos there has been hanging around since the day I moved in many years ago. I was delighted!!! That meant I could have a bigger display cabinet for my toys! I used to shove them into two small shelves from Ikea, and hid some of them in those underwater equipment cases … tucked under my desk. The only risk now is that my wife might scream/faint/kill me … if all my toys were to be placed in the see thru cabinet. Ermm … I don’t really have that many though.

* Click on image for a larger version

The red colored laminate was chosen by Fitzand! I took a big risk asking him to decide the color/texture for it. He flipped thru the pages of catalogue … and my heart was beating real fast. He suddenly pointed at a red one. Flipped a page or two and pointed at another red one! Yay! Yippeee! My favourite color!!! Since it’s my fav colour and my wardrobe is also in red … of course I went for it without a doubt.

The ‘girls’ (those tenants on the left side of the cabinet) are luckier. I didn’t want them to be just living with four three white walls, so I found this piece of cute fabric and decided to make it the ‘wallpaper’. The ‘boys’ on the right must be jealous but I need time to find some other deco for their section.

Putting up that ‘wallpaper’ alone took me about half an hour! Guess my fat old fingers ain’t good with fabrics. It kept getting all messed up when I tried pulling one side of it. The fabric was about the exact size of the surface, with only about 2cm allowance, so getting it to fit (almost) perfectly was a big task for my clumsy hands.

I used some of those plastic trays to make that ‘platform’ for those cameras at the back row. To hide the ugly trays, some other fabrics were used to ‘wrap’ them up but soon I realised I ran out of trays and fabric. Time to go have some fun shopping at Daiso!

I’ll need some more time to get those toys arranged properly … and also clear my messy desk and existing drawers … moving the mess to the new drawers and cabinets.

Too bad it is already Sunday night and I’m too tired to work on it anymore. Spent the long weekend (Friday was a holiday!) doing nothing much but spending time with my family, babysitting Fitzand while his mommy worked, took a few shots with my Nikon FA … and stole some time off in between to move those cameras to their new home.

Hope they are happy in their new home. 🙂


  1. nice upgrade unker ndroo!!

  2. amazing collection…..yummmm


  4. @edwin : Thanks. All thanks to wifey for approving the budget. LOL!

    @renaldy : Thanks. Nothing really amazing though. Mostly plastics. 😀

    @Bone : You are on the way to hell more cams than these. Trust me. Your time will come (very soon). Muwahahaha!

  5. woaahhh …..dopeness collection! Seeing it just makes u go high @.@”

  6. Warao Unker!
    This is machiam shop display lor!!!

    By the way, are you gonna put a humidity meter or gel packets in there, like in a drybox, to control the internal environment?

  7. @carrie : Come down from the ceiling!

    @Cudas : Temporary … I shoved some Thirsty Hippo in there. I was thinking getting some of those dehumidifier thingie I saw in some DIY shop. Those look like some black rods that require electricity. Didn’t check out details on how they work, so I’ll have to go take a look again before deciding. I’m not so worried about the plastic cams like the Diana. At most I wash them if they ever grow fungus. Hahaha! I’m more worried about my LC-A and stuffs.

  8. i like this can make it in black?

  9. WoW ! Amazing sight! Still have lot more space. Good job!

  10. oh…. i spotted the coffin at the left top corner.. hehehe the girls backdrop is really cute…. wer did u get the cloth?, and if u want to elevated the back camera daiso have those flip up stand for kitchen use….. i think it will fit in just nice.

  11. im.. looks like you gonna host the next diana world tour..

  12. love your seagull!

  13. love the cabinet man! great touch with the wallpaper as well. awesome collection =)

  14. @peter : Of course it comes in black or any other color you choose. Time to get more cabinets for your room!

    @Doublechin : I’ll take my time to fill in the spaces. Money is too tight to mention. 😀

    @Mijonju : Diana World Tour? Hahaha! Nah. These ain’t the type that’s in the Deltrich collection. My seagull is the one with a little gold lining only. I still prefer the hot super cool drooling gold one you have. Too bad it costs 2 arms and 2 legs.

    @garrick : Thanks

  15. @noreen : The fabric is from Sherry. She ordered it online. You can check with her the website she got it from. I’ll go check out Daiso for the flip up stands you mention. In the kitchen section?

  16. waarh~~~ amazing collection you have there!!! I’m Drooooooooling. The fabric wall is a really nice touch!

  17. speechless….. 😀

  18. @irorus : Wait til you see what the Queen has at home. Hehehe. Let’s gatecrash into her camera den one day.

    @Jer : *slap* Wake up!

  19. when open house so all of us can visit your mini museum? 😛

  20. by then he probably will charge for entrance fee…bwhahahaha

  21. @Lawry : Wait til I get another 200 Diana clones.

    @noreen : Hahahaha! Ya. Entrance fee is a must but I’ll throw in a can of free beer per ticket.

  22. sure good business like that!!!!

  23. Damn! Isn’t that like more than 10k worth of cameras?!!

  24. @Zig : Nah. These ain’t Leicas.

  25. i totally died when i saw the cab full of cams.NICE

  26. OMG

    the sundome BBF! camo horizon! and the diana’s!! DIANA!! me no mola to buy.. 🙁

  27. OMG! *jaw drops* I WANT! I WANT!.. I WANT ALL of them!!!!
    Super duper AWESOME collection!!

  28. wow, so nice!!!

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