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I recently registered an account with Lomography’s website for Fitzand and uploaded some of the photos he took in their gallery. Soon after that, I saw a photo rumble asking for submissions of newbies’ self portraits and of course I helped him submit one from this recent Fisheye2 roll of self portraits.

Today the results were announced and …

He made it!!! Yay!!! Guess he won’t understand too much of it when I explain to it to him later tonight but I’m gonna give him my Fisheye2 cam as a reward. No … film not included!

Check out the announcement on Lomography’s website here.


  1. Congratulations Fitz!!! well done!! keep the snapping going and ask Daddy for more film!!

  2. well done!!!!! he deserve the piggies!!!!!

  3. thumbsup for him 🙂

  4. @everyone : On behalf of Fitzand … Thank you! 🙂

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