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A couple of weeks ago, I came across this really cool photo book at FourCornersDark website and from a few sample pages … I fell in love with it. Blurfect. Yeah! Blur! Blur is beautiful and I’m a sucker for such photos. The book layout is simple yet elegant … and costs only US$10 each. It states in the website that there is a ‘Edition of 100-signed/numbered’ copies but I don’t know if there are only 100 of them for sale. I got number 53 and 55 in the mail today. I ordered an extra copy since shipping costs the same (for 1 copy) and will be giving it to a friend.

If you love those Holga/Diana photos in black & white … I don’t see why you won’t love this book. No … I ain’t getting any commission from promoting this book. Hahahaha!

Hmm … maybe I should make a book and start selling it too eh? Stop throwing rotten eggs and slippers at me!!! Ouch! Okay … I’ll stick to posting my photos in my blog here for free then.

I love how he designed the front cover. The blurred effect on the sides makes me feel a little dizzy looking at it. The writeup on the first page was designed the same way and for a moment … I thought I had one too many beer! Coolness!

This one below is my favourite photo. No … not because of the word on the left calf!

Honestly, I ain’t one who like collecting photo books (yeah … not even porno ones ok!) but if there are more such cool books out there … I might start stacking them up on my (already cluttered) desk.

Check out more about the book or order yours from Blurfect’s website here.

Also in the mail today was a small envelope containing another roll of film from Fabienne (who did a couple of rolls of doubles collab with me recently … check it out here). She was so nice as to send me another roll after hearing that one of the roll she sent me got screwed up previously. Thanks Fab. Hope I won’t let you down this time. Hahaha!

The delivery man came an hour ago to deliver a dehumidifier for my study room. I decided that I wanna keep my girls/boys (aka cameras) dry and safe in my new cabinet, so I had to sacrifice some beer money for this dehumidifier. It’s pretty crazy to see water start dripping into the container … 5 minutes after I switched it on and set it to 40% RH! My room must be one humid dungeon! After doing so much for the girls/boys … I do home they can someday get me some better photos. 😀


  1. eh..i love photo books….
    and I say that’s money well-spent on the dehumidifier.

  2. @nelly : Guess you must have tons of them photo books then. The other one I love lots is the ‘Mei Mei : Portraits from a Chinese orphanage’. I used to have some Nat Geo ones that I bought when I started photography but soon sold them off after realising I don’t really fancy those stuffs. 😀

  3. i need a humidifier here.. my lips are about to explode..

  4. @Mijonju : Hahahaha! At least your cams can stay healthy on the shelves. Nevermind your lips. 😛 Wait … lips exploding? Must be too much kissing (from that video I saw!). Muwahahaha!

  5. Was pondering if i should get one since a few weeks ago. I guess i shd get a few copies since uncle mention abt it 🙂

  6. I LOVE U, UNKER!!!!!!!!

  7. @shunzi : Oh yeah! I absolutely love what I see in the book!

    @cyanwater : Oh yeah! That’s what the other girls say too! Muwahahah! Ooops! Just joking. I’m a monk!

  8. Just checking the shipping cost to the UK.
    Andrew…Your blog is harzardous area to the pocket!


  9. @Ta : How much does it cost to ship to UK? It costs about US$10+ to ship it here (to Singapore). The package can fit a couple of books, thus you can save a bit if you buy more than a copy. Hey … why do I sound like a promoter for the books again. LOL!

  10. How much is the dehumidifier?

  11. @hogsforce : I got it for S$390

  12. @hogsforce : You can check out this webbie that I got the unit from. Mine is the ND280 form Novita.

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