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Fuzzyeyeballs/ndroo accepts no liability for the consequences of reading this blog entry, be it a total loss of your savings in the bank, getting dumped by spouses for overspending or intentional sale of limbs/body parts due to equipment lust caused by the mentioned person/website/blog etc.

I’ve always wanted to create this blog entry but somehow it just keep slipping off my mind. Not sure if it is because I did not want to cause a widespread of this equipment lust disease or was my old brain not working well anymore.

Anyway, I’m sure many of you already heard of this guy Mijonju … and are following his cool (and often badly poisonous) blog entries and YouTube videos. He buys cameras like buying cookies and speaks like a Chipmunk in his videos. I’ve done a short interview with him not too long ago but he has expanded his poison coverage at a scary speed since then. You can check out the interview here. The purpose of this entry is to make sure none of you walk away without knowing him or the damage he is doing to the world. Hahahaha!

If you agree to the disclaimer stated above, you can check out …

His blog CircleRectangle

His Mijonju Show channel

His online shop (poison inside!)

I knew him through a Olympuys E-P1 forum but little did I know that I was in for lots of trouble knowing someone as poisonous as him. Ask him about any camera and chances that he’ll go ‘Do you want one? I can help you source for it here (in Japan).’. Hahahaha! OMG! Good luck, folks!

Recently I got him to help book a hotel room for my trip to Tokyo at the end of this month and he told me that the hotel is surrounded by 5 (yeah … 5!!!!!) camera shops!!! Gosh!!! I’ve to keep my credit card back here in Singapore when I go.

So for you guys who say that my blog is poisonous … I’m sure you won’t think so after you check out Mijonju’s stuffs. Hahahaha!


  1. Muahahahhaa!!! 5 camera shops coming your way,

  2. @Mijonju : Hmpt! I ain’t gonna bring an extra dime with me. No buy! No buy! Hahaha! But don’t forget we gonna do something that’s gonna piss Cindy off okay? 😀 She’s gonna be wondering what we gonna do but hey … we ain’t telling! Muwahahaha!

  3. boss,

    typo error in the link…http…

  4. Will wait to see how many ‘no buys’ you’ll make, Andrew!

  5. @Tech : thanks a lot for the update

    @Ta : Nooooooooo!!!!

  6. What?!!!!! Do a mijonju x unker ndroo show in Tokyo??? Omg!!!!

  7. I wanna go to Tokyo someday!

  8. @cyanwater : Muwahahaha!!!! The show is gonna be about you!

    @tylercorc : Yeah you should … especially the cammie shops there. 😉

  9. I wish we had camera shops, at least more of them back here in the U.S. it’s tought, and we don’t even have any special cameras, at least none that I know of.

  10. Both your Blog and Mijonju’s are POISONOUS ! But i like! haha

  11. Omg mijonju get ndroo to act like myngo and do the introduction.

  12. Kiss mijonju for me. I am a fan 🙂

  13. @NeirDoocy : We also don’t have many of those here in Singapore.

    @lawry : Thanks for liking the poisons. LOL

    @sumlom : :O Who is myngo? That super duper cutie that appears in Mijonju’s video? OMG! You want me to act cute and sexy like that? OMG! Maybe I’ll do just that … specially for Cindy! Muwahahaha!

  14. @Ta : Okay! I’ll lock his lips for an hour or two. *roll eyes*

  15. Ok, I think that will piss me off. Ltd

  16. @cyanwater : No … we are still not telling 😛

  17. Lol Ya we gonna do a show with many porn stars in it,, oops sorry i mean Camera Porn Stars.

  18. *cough*

  19. *Eyes widen, deep inhale, mouth widen*
    *Creepy pervert excited looks*
    Did someone mention pornstars?? >:D

  20. @Bone : *Eyes widen, deep inhale, mouth widen Creepy pervert excited looks* <– We would appreciate a photo of you in that state. 😀

  21. the joy of poison~ hohohoho

  22. @saklas : Hahaha! I’m sure you’ve done your part and Eva is rolling in pain. Lemme go try sprinkle some Oly Pen poison later.

  23. what joy what joy~ mahahahaaa.

    oh, you wanna take over my horizon? 😛

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