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These are probably the strangest things that arrived at my home today while I was at work …

Nah! I didn’t order Red Bull by the tons (although I do need tons of beer). These empty cans arrived today because I signed up for the Art Of Can event (details here) and was supposed to go collect these empty cans from their office … but somehow I just didn’t wanna take time off from work just to go get them. Yeah … collection was during office hours only. Fortunately I received an email yesterday from them … saying that they’ll deliver the cans to my doorstep (!!!). OMG! I was really surprised they’ll go all the way to … deliver empty cans!

I arrived home to find the pack of empty cans on my desk … as well as a ‘giant can’ of RedBull! OMG! I wondered how hyper I’d be if I gulped down that can but the excitement went ‘poof!’ the moment I held it. It was just a container and in it … a normal sized can of Red Bull … and a … pair of scissors!? Huh? Scissors? They are even so considerate as to throw in a pair of scissors for us to work on the empty cans! Coolness!!!

Hmmm. Now what am I gonna do with the empty cans? I’ve just gulped down the one and only can filled with the energy drink … and now what? I signed up for this because I was curious … and that’s after Noreen told me about it … but I’ve totally no idea what to do! OMG! Deadline for submission is next month and I’ve to find some time to work on something? I do have a very rough idea of what I wanna try doing … inspired by a cartoon DVD that Fitzand was watching an hour ago … but … but … where do I find time to do it? Perhaps I should go try buy a dozen of Red Bull and gulp them down one night … and hope I can stay awake til the next morning to finish my … ermm … ‘artwork’? Hahaha!

Oh … also … I initially thought they sent me some empty cans that are new from the factory … but it turned out that those they sent me were emptied ones. I wonder if those guys in their office were forced to bottoms up the many cans of energy drink for this. Haha! The cans still smell like the energy drink and some of them are a little sticky. Eeeks! I’ll get the maid to wash them thoroughly tomorrow before I try do anything with them.

Honestly I don’t think I can come up with anything good (with my fat clumsy fingers) but for the fun of it … I’ll try my best. If you look at those amazing stuffs that others has done (in their website) … you’ll know why I sometimes feel that I’ll be just wasting my time. Hahahaha!


  1. F***!!!! why my name is mention!!!!!….. they called me today and try to arrange a delivery but i told them me no home today… LOL
    infact i was thinking to drop the idea of entering this “art of can” ermmmm

    GOOD LUCK andrew… LOL

  2. @noreen : What????!!!! Get them send the cans and give them to me then. lol

  3. oh…. i think i can arrange to send to you directly since i decide to give up….. hahahahahha

  4. @noreen : Y give up? Duh. Now dat u got me interested, u give up? Lol. Yeah u can ask em send to me place. Thanks. If i fail, i’ll go recycle em. lol

  5. me decide to drop out on the idea after i try on the medium… not something i can work with … or im comfortable to work with…. now im more interested with a the fishy competition… LOL
    i drop the an email see can be arrange or not… heheehee

  6. wow the art of so manythings 🙂 art of Andrew

  7. it starts with a can…

  8. @noreen : Thanks

    @Mijonju : I’ll just stick all the cans together and make a ‘art pile of cans’ 😀

    @ymmij : Hmm. You talking about drinking beer? LOL! ‘It starts with a can and ends up with a major hangover’.

  9. Hope you are not using the cans to to make a bigger Red bull can 😛

    I think you should just make a camera out of it…should not go wrong for you….Good luck!!!!

  10. Make a camera on a tripod…with a flash…..

  11. Use these can to decorate your room…… Loll………………..

  12. @Jer : Make a camera? Hmm … ain’t easy task.

    @Ta : You are giving me more pressure! Hahaha! So does the camera need to have interchangeable lenses?

    @wall painting : Not a bad idea. I’ll flatten all the cans and make them my wallpaper. 😉

  13. this is so interesting! 😀

  14. @Qiaozhi : Yeah. Wanna go try making something? Hahaha! I’ve washed and cut open the cans but yet to do anything with them! Btw, sorry if my blog looks crappy now. My template main file went crazy … and is EMPTY now! 🙁 🙁 Trying to get the hosting company to help do a restore. Duh.

  15. Andrew, now that you’ve asked…Yes with an interchangeable lens(es) Hee!

  16. @Ta : Okay. I’ve decided to add those ‘Anti Shake’ feature in it too. Stay tuned!

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