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My daily updates during that week long vacation in Tokyo somehow stopped at day 4. Not that I didn’t take any photos after that … but I was spending more time playing (aka killing my old fat body) with Fitzand and usually by the time he goes to bed … I was too tired to go through the photos. Anyway … I’ll post some photos later during the weekend. Plane touched down around 1am and somehow I can’t get to sleep (it is past 3am now!). OMG! I’ll be pretty dead tomorrow and glad I took the day off.

Since I am awake … I’ll post up a couple of photos. This one below is my newly dressed up netbook. Hahaha! I hate the shiny red surface that is a big fingerprint magnet … and find those available skins in the market a little boring. So I picked up some retro looking stickers from a couple of places during my stay in Tokyo … and ‘dressed up’ the netbook one night.

I just realised that some of those photos I uploaded using my netbook … seems weird. Maybe it is because of the lighting in the hotel room that was fooling me or did I screw up badly using GIMP for the 1st time? Some of the photos look way too warm and weird. Duh! Nevermind. I’ll go redo them later when I wanna post them into Fitzand’s photo albums.

Next is a super rare post … a photo of me (!!!) with Fitzand. I am camera shy and usually I’ll be hiding behind the camera. Well … for the record … here it goes …

Fitzand wasn’t smiling and all because he didn’t want his mommy to be taking photo of us. He was going ‘I want the camera! I take photo!’. Hahahaha!

Next one is a snapshot of the little one … looking all emo … hours before we had to leave the Disneyland Ambassador Hotel. Yesterday before leaving the Disneyland park … I let him decide all the rides and stuffs he wanna go through before we exit. He wanted 2 more rounds on the carouse (old fat dad almost died climbing up and down the darn horses on the carousel), 1 ride on that spinning cup thingie (mommy said she wanted to vomit and Fitzand told her to get a plastic bag) and 2 rides in the ‘Small World’ feature. What almost made me cry was that during the last ride in the ‘Small World’ … he was waving goodbye and going ‘Bye bye!’ to almost each and every of the little dolls, ‘animals’ and stuffs in there. For a short moment I wished I could buy up that entire place for him. Oh … I was just dreaming. I wanna buy up the entire camera shops too.

Guess it is time to go try get some sleep …


  1. Nice holiday!!! 😀

  2. The retro stickers look so fine!! Thanks for sharing your holiday.. it was awesome following.. 😉 I wish i can buy disneyland and camera shops too.. 🙁

  3. @Jer : Yup … it was one of the best I’ve ever had … despite the fact that this is the most tiring one. 😀

    @irorus : Glad you like them. I couldn’t keep up with posting the daily stuffs, so expect a backlog post soon. Let’s not be greedy. We each buy one of them and then we can share. LOL

  4. Glad you had fun! Do show us more pictures of your “poisoned” items if you did managed to get poisoned by mijonju during those trips to the camera and film stores. Hehehe~

  5. nice skin 🙂 and welcome back

  6. Welcome back…to the land of…well…real land.
    Glad to see you enjoyed the holiday and got to spend loads of time with the family.

    Look forward to seeing pictures fitzand took….especially with mum’s posing….

  7. @kaxdd : Thanks. Oh I didn’t fall for the trap and didn’t buy any other camera apart from the white Pentax k-x. 😀 Phew! Only bought a few rolls of film.

    @peter : Hahaha! Thanks.

    @Ta : Thanks for the welcome. I’ll try post the pics Fitzand took hopefully this weekend.

  8. Fitzand is really cute to ask mummy bring along a plastic bag for the ride! Good thinking! LoL

  9. @cyanwater : He now tell us things what we usually tell him to do! LOL

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